Landing Page Secrets (Power of the Landing page)

by DomasG
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Landing page - Essential Element

Probably you have heard million times that you must have a good landing page and start building your email list because money is on the list. That's 100% true! Don't ignore this information and start building your landing page dedicated to the affiliate offer.

Email follow-ups are an essential element using Solo ads traffic; after a proper email follow-ups sequence, you can increase the sales rate up to 50%! Yes, you read it right, up to 50%!

Most people grabbing affiliate offers and running traffic straight to the sales pages, that's the biggest mistake you can make on affiliate marketing! Driving traffic to the sales is like gambling without much control. The landing page helps you separate interested people from non-interested ones and, using email follow-ups, force them to purchase your affiliate product.

Sample sequence:

Landing page (your own created) => Affiliate offer => Email follow-ups from your autoresponder.

Perfect Landing Page Structure

Rule number one, do not overcomplicate everything! Make it clean and simple. Your main goal should be to get an opt-in and force the potential buyer to join your mailing list. The landing page structure must be immaculate and straightforward:

1) Headline
2) Sub-Headline
3) Opt-in Form
4) Short Description of the offer
5) Opt-in Form
6) Typical Footer

That's it, simple structure; remember, the landing page must be orientated to the niche/product that you are promoting. Do not forget to connect your opt-in form to the affiliate offer!

Email Follow-ups

The most important thing is to separate your subscribers into different segments/lists according to the niche. For example, if you are promoting affiliate offers in a healthy niche, prepare a separate list for healthy offers; if you are promoting a home business offers, prepare a different list on this niche.

After that, connect each list with your niche landing page. In that way, all email follow-ups will be dedicated to the particular segment. About email follow-ups, do not overthink. Write 3-5 email follow-ups on each niche.

The first welcome message should be an introduction to you and your selected product. 2-3-4 emails must be dedicated to the affiliate offer, show advantages of the product, try to convince people to try the particular product. The last email should be with scarcity, tell people that it's the last chance to get a specific affiliate product.

Do not forget to change email content if you will change your affiliate offer. Also, always start monitoring numbers; email follow-ups must generate you about a 15%-20% open rate.

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    Hi Domas,

    Very useful information.


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  • Profile picture of the author Old Molases
    Personalization has always been, is and will always be the key to do wonders for your business.
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  • Princess Balestra Parachutes In

    Sumplace neat to land?

    I am on it!

    K, so I am jumpin' outta the airplane.

    Headline is clear as an X on terra firma.

    An' natchrlly, once I rolled free from my 'chute like a gymnast dancah gal, for sure I will savor the fruits of the lure prompted me outta the airplane.

    Gettin' closah now ...

    jus gotta adjust muh bra for the forthcomin' acrobatic flippin' around ...

    no, waitaminute -- that is the parachute strap, so mebbe leave well alone less'n I plummet to the ground an' splat like an inflated octopus catapulted against the pecs of a committed bodybuildah ...

    thing is, now I look in closah, I see the headline an' the CTA amplify the zack same want I gaht.

    As the headline promises, so the CTA delivahs.

    All I gotta do is descend on along.

    Unless ...

    who is behind this surefire offah?

    I get how my life gonna be way, way bettah once I land ... but who says so?


    Don't see nuthin' 'bout that.

    An' I seconds away from landin'.

    So I stretch out a toe, pirouette style.

    It pierces what seemed to be firm ground when I took my initial leap of faith ... like I bustin' through tissue paper.

    No actshwl place to land!

    The offah brushes past my ears, raises my hair with but a whisper.

    Hey, so I will stay fallin' for a while.

    Prolly sumthin' like what I wanted will show eventually ...

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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  • Profile picture of the author Rory Singh
    Having a good 'converting' landing page, collecting emails and follow up is essential for sure!

    And having a good or great 'presence' online is also an asset.
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  • Profile picture of the author spartan14
    Nice guide i also find that the title of the landing page its very important as it needs to give people a important reason to subscribe .For example in mmo niche a title like how i make $150 daily attracts a lot more people to subscribe that a title like how to build and online business for example .If you get the point "150$ daily" sounds very attractive

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    • Profile picture of the author DomasG
      True, but it's very important that promises that you made inside the landing will continue into the sales page. Your sales offer must offer the same claim.
      Best Quality Solo Ads:
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