Single Optin Vs Double Optin

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Around the world, Email Marketers are constantly debating the value of single optin vs double optin strategies when it comes to building their lists.

It may help to start by understanding the difference between the two and then look at why I believe you really should use double optin practices to build your list.

Single Optin someone can enter any email address (good or junk) in to a capture form and they are automatically given access to the free ebook, software, etc... that is being offered.

Double Optin once the form is submitted, the person will receive an email asking them to verify their request. The typical approach is to have the subscriber click a uniquely coded link. This method makes sure the people on your list WANT to be on your list. It also helps you stay compliant with GDPR.

The big position we see from someone lobbying for single optin is that they believe it helps build a larger list. Based on numbers alone, they may be right.

The claim is that people are unlikely to take that extra step to click a confirmation link so you could end up losing out on potential prospects. Our question is: "If they don't give you valid information, are they actually a prospect?"

Setting aside GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and other anti-spam legislation, you run the risk of just building a list of non-responsive and even spoofed email addresses. There is literally no value in a list like that AND your autoresponder service is charging you MORE as your numbers go up (regardless of whether or not the numbers are valid).

So how does Double Optin help?

The most common argument for using the double optin method for building your lists is that real email marketers want to know that the prospects they are generating are:

1) Real humans that read their emails.
2) Genuinely interested in receiving the information being offered.

This is a direct quote from another discussion forum about how some folks intentionally use junk emails to get downloads and samples:

"Some sites have you provide an email, and then right after you can download the free thing on the page. In those cases I type in a random/fake adress. Highly recommend if you don't want or need the direct to email content."

For you, as the marketer, here is what happens:

1) You just gave your stuff away for free.
2) You can't follow up with the prospect.
3) Your service company will charge you MORE as your list grows with addresses like these.

The only person not winning is you.

Deliverability Is Another Factor

If your list is filled with junk email addresses, your overall deliverability is going to tank.

What good is a big list that is costing you more money and can't be delivered to?

For our money, efficiency, and profitability, double optin is the way to go.
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    Good stuff.

    I'd take quality over quantity any day!
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      I've also found an exit pop up useful to remind the visitor to enter their email in case they get distracted.

      And the words inside the email input boxes something like "Your best email" instead of just "email".
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