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Fellow Warriors,

I have a list of people from Ecom Sales and I would like to introduce them to the idea of making money online so they can make more money and have less stress in their life.

I have Active Campaign Subscription but I would like to "clean" the list first before they go into my Active Campaign Database.

What email delivery service would you recommend me using to send the first batch of emails out.

The Email would contain a little bit of information about Internet marketing and how to make money online offering a free PDF download, introducing the idea to them if they aren't already familiar it.

Has anyone used a service for bulk email blasts to a cold list and if so what was your experience and what service did you use?

My list is around 6,000 people that have bought Jewelery from me in the past from top tier countries. I just dont want to upload them all to Active campaign and pay for 6000 subs if they are not interested.

Your input is extremely appreciated.

With Grattitude,
#cleaning #email #list

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