email platforms that support spun text?

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Are there any email platforms that support spinning syntax in templates?

I want something that lets you load up a template with spinning syntax and send it to a list, and each email gets spun before sending it out, so each outgoing email is slightly different.

I've skimmed through some popular autoresponder feature lists and haven't found anything.

Just product names of things you KNOW support this please. I'm not looking for links or suggestions about where else to look.
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    Most professional based ESP's are not going to support this feature.
    This is because, in 2022, ISP's (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc) use consistency of content as well as engagement as the major metrics to determine how much or little delivery they should provide the IP and Domain name you are sending from.
    If each email you send is unique by using the spin text content, the ISP's will catch on to this quickly and determine you are spamming and trying to evade the filters. This strategy worked 5+ years ago but its definitely no longer effective.
    With that said, if your still looking to use it, you would most likely need a self hosted system with PowerMTA or Postfix backend, along with Mailwizz or Mumara as the front end, both of these front end platforms will support what your looking to do.
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    Try MailWizz, it supports spun format inside its Email templates, you can use format like [randomcontent:var1|var2|var3]. Good luck.
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