Autoresponders in 2022

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...
There use to be this app called Mailloop from Corey Rudl.
It was a desktop-based souped-up autoresponder.
The internet landscape made server reputation a thing
that made sending mass emails from home computers
a problem for ISP's.

In 2022, has the tech changed?
Is their any desktop based app that can create+manage email campaigns?
I'd like to avoid the monthly overhead of the specialized companies.
I'd also like the idea of improving the privacy for me and my customers.

Your thoughts?
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    Desktop-based app? Don't think so. Almost all apps are now cloud-based (Mailchimp, Zoho, etc)
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    Like the song says "Say it ain't so"
    But I think I'll have to face it.

    That being said,
    I saw sort of a hybrid called Mailzapp.

    But it is linked to mailzapp's server.
    Which brings another concern: privacy.

    Recent article pointed to Mailchimp filtering content
    of user's email copy.

    This is a bit about why I seek a leave-me-alone approach.
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    There are a lot of solutions out there. You will basically need 3 things.

    1. Self Hosted Autoresponder. I use mailwizz but you can choose whatever one you want. Just google "self hosted autoresponder" and you will find many.

    2. VPS hosting. You can get this by going to whatever hosting company you currently use and check out there vps hosting options, or go to any hosting company and see what they have to offer.

    3. SMTP, to send your emails. I use Postal, but there are many out there. I also have Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) set up and it is very affordable.

    I would go to Youtube and look for channel H-Educate, their website as well. I had this person set up my system for about $150.00 well worth the $ for non-coders like me.

    There is a lot more to running your system such as IP Warmup, adding IP's, cleaning lists, etc.


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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