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I always send emails to my clients at 11am. From the report of email open time, I see that most of my clients tend to open email within half an hour once the email were sent. In this case, am I creating a bias of 11am which will affects how the optimized send time of each individual is determined?
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    The obvious question is are you happy with your current open/conversion rates?

    If not, testing different send times is one variable you could try. There are discussions on send times elsewhere in the email marketing section you might want to check out.

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      I agree - do some A/B testing and consider adjusting the frequency and schedule. See what works and what doesn't. Klaviyo and Mailchimp are great ways to keep track of those statistics.
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    I agree. In the case of B2B Email Marketi8ng obviously each sector has its own peak and relative quiet times, so if you notice an unsatisfactory open rate/CTR various times should be tested, and why not?. Even during several days a week, ( considering the closing days of your target..).

    This however, always putting yourself in the shoes of the receiver.... ..If you send emails to the restaurant category it is good to avoid peak hours of their service when they certainly will not be at the PC.

    Personally, in general, I send out massive emails at 10am or 7.00pm, times when most of both individuals and entrepreneurs in a variety of categories are either in front of their PCs , tablets or smartphones or are about to disconnect or have already disconnected from work ( except Ho.Re.Ca sectors of course), and have their minds more relaxed and available even to consult emails from their mobile device.

    Both Donovan and Bateman90 are right, the basic point of your question is your open/conversion rate factor after each send.
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