How would you design your lead magnet?

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It is a normal practice for email marketers to give away e-books via their lead magnet. But I would like to know any other way of designing lead magnets. I mean what else can be given away for free other than e-books? Does a video series sound good?
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    Besides text-based lead magnets such as reports, eBooks, whitepapers, and courses through email, you can offer video training, free trials for your software, discounts, audiobooks, etc.

    Sometimes people perceive video-based content as having a higher value than text-based lead magnets.
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    can be ebook can be video, the real thing is: whats insde and how we communicate it (frame & perceive value).
    I've tried giving away a vdeo series n selling it on the other times, both works if we know how to market & sell it.

    selling it at a lower price will give it a better audience I think.

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    A lead magnet can be a pdf, video, a software program or even a lead magnet. It must provide some value to the lead, enough to make the person open and read your mails and take action.
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    I definitely think a video series is a great idea! Video content is more engaging and holds attention longer. If you are providing value, while also being humorous for example, that is a great way to freshen things up from the regular e-book lead magnet.
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    Well people are tired of books ,if you offer them a great video that brings great value it will make a way better job than a ebook
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    Id agree with the majority on here. The Majority of autoresponders have info products that you can give away
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