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Hi guys, I'm working with a copywriter to write my 52-week autoresponder series.

Do I have to have all 52 emails ready to go and loaded into my autoresponder before I start adding leads to my list?

Or can I add the emails periodically to the autoresponder?

I get one email written once a week but I've still got around 40 to go.

If I need to upload all of them to the autoresponder first before I start adding contacts to the list then this will impact my upfront costs dramatically.

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    You do not need to upload them all at once but you need to be ahead of the mailings. so you should have at least 3 to 5 loaded to go and add them so the new ones are uploaded so the first subscribers do not have excessive down time between emails, you do not want them to lose interest.


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    I would try to have at least six weeks worth ready to go. This way you are not fighting against the clock if it takes you a little while longer to get the next three or four ready to go. I would also be in constant communication with the individual doing your copywriting work so that you both know exactly where you are in the process. Once you have completed the series you can always go back and edit if necessary.
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    I do not think you need to load all 52 weeks into your autoresponder before you start mailing to your subscribers. I think you should have at least 1-2 months loaded before you start mailing and then make it your daily goal to load 2-4 weeks a day. That way you should not feel like you are under the gun. If you try to load them all at once it would mean you will be in front of your computer for a very long and boring time. It may make you feel like it is not very much of an enjoyable task, but more like an overwhelming one. Breaking the task into small chunks at a time would make it seem much more doable.
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    Before you begin mailing to your subscribers, I don't believe you need to load your autoresponder with data for all 52 weeks. Before you start mailing, I believe you should have at least 1-2 months loaded. After that, set a daily target of loading 2-4 weekshttps://mybankinginformation.com/doe...ake-ebt-cards/ You won't feel pressed for time if you do it that way. You would have to spend a very long and monotonous amount of time in front of your computer if you attempted to load them all at once. It could give you the impression that the task is more overwhelming than fun. The task would appear to be lot more manageable if it were divided into manageable pieces at a time.
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