Can you share some of your email solo ads strategies ?

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Dear All,

My name is Matthews Saji. I am actively running email solo ad campaigns to promote my offers. There are a lot of tips and tricks I use to squeeze maximum ROI from my campaigns...

One simple strategy I use is, I make the solo ad copy super long.

So since I am paying per click, when I have really long solo ad copy, I am only paying for people who have read the super long solo ad copy (presold) and these people took the time to read the full copy, so they are super serious about my niche...

When I tried this method, I instantly doubled my sales and profits...

Now I am inviting all of you to share your tips and tricks to squeeze maximum money from your email solo ad campaigns...

Talk Soon
Matts Saji
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    Thanks for that. Will definitely test longer solo ads.

    Another 2 things you can do to improve your results are:

    1. ALWAYS send more than one solo ad to the same list. Unless you figure out that the traffic is utterly useless, you'll typically get better results by sending 2 or 3 solo's.

    2. Use solo ad traffic to build your list. And then send follow up emails. The better your follow ups, the more sales you'll make.

    Bonus: Test the theme (angle) of your solo ad using ppc (like google adwords etc) first. If you are getting many clicks with your angle, you'll MOST probably do better with your solos. E.g. if "stop balding now" is getting more clicks than "Your hair back in 30 days Guaranteed", then use the "stop balding" angle in your solo.

    Hope that helps!
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    Hey Saji ,
    I'd say you're long copy strategy is really unique and if it is working, you might be onto something here .
    There are also some ways which i use to enhance my solo ads campaign as well , I think you might find these helpful .
    The first and most important thing i consider is researching the list owner: Make sure the list owner has a good reputation and has a responsive list.

    Second thing I look for in a solo ads provider is testing the list: ask your provider for a test before you commit to a large solo ad campaign, it's a good idea to test the list with a small campaign to see how well your ad performs.

    Use a clear call to action: Make it easy for people to take the next step by including a clear call to action in your ad.

    Optimize your solo ads for mobile: Make sure your ad looks good and is easy to read on mobile devices, as many people will be reading your ad on their phones.Make your email templates for mobile more visually apealing .

    Hope this helps .
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    Good tips guys.

    I heard about long solo ad copys before, great when it works.

    I agree that researching the solo ads provider first is very important.

    In addition to that I would recommend to private chat with the vendor and ask him specific questions to determine if hes worth it or not.

    Also be brutally open and share your offer with them before you order to find out if its really suitable to their list.

    Additionally optin to their list yourself if you can to see what kind of emails people getting.
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    I think there is only one main email marketing method that actually works, is really give value to your subscribers is the main thing for me. another main thing you have to do is have your own domain name and domain email address, so you can authenicate your domain so your emails go in their mailbox and not promotion or spam, they will never read it.

    it isnt that they isnt methods that build your email lists there is many to choose from, but when they do opt in and you start building your list.

    this is what you must do is never pitch and offer from day 1, but instead and treat them as a friend, and send them a thank you email or a welcome email, that you care about their needs and give value to them.

    and when they learn to trust you and in time when u find out what they really need, when you do promote something they will thank you for that and probaly buy anything u offer as it will be something they really need, i hope this helps.

    Lets build a online business by giving value and learning how to build a email list

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    I remember when i first started my online journey, back in the day before i had a landing page or tracked my progress, i just bought the cheap solo ads which usually costs $5 sometimes cheaper than that.

    I got no sales, when i get mentored i was advised to get a landng page and track my proress so thats what i did.

    and when i did track my clicks from these solo ad vendors the cheap ones that is, it was all fake clicks i did get a refund from that platform, so that would be a priority on the stradegy, to actually track the clicks to see if first of all if the clicks are good or bad, or sometimes fake or bot clicks.

    You would obviously have a landing page, as most vendors would only send their traffic to a landing page, next you really need a great system with great email follow up on autoamtion, and for me as part of this stradegy you need emails to be in the inbox and no promotions or spam you wont make it with that.

    Buying from solo ad vendors you have to be careful with new sellers or ones you have not heard of some not all, buy from other vendors, so what tends to happen when they send a email out to their list, they might be on multiple lists, and have had 10 emails sent about offers and prob will just report as spam, and thats the money finished.

    As part of my solo ad stradegy would be also that say you were buying solo ads from a platform, to check top buyers, it usually sais how much they have spent on that vendor, and also check is this recurring repeat buyers, if these vendors are getting a lot of money spent on them, it is indication that the buyers are getting sales.

    always test the vendors, prob use 2 or 3, and test with about 300 clicks, and you can track your progress, i hope this provides value to you and others that may read this, thanks for sharing this

    Lets build a online business by giving value and learning how to build a email list

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