After-sales email follow-up software for offline businesses?

by Jkev
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Hello, I need a good way for offline businesses such as a dentist, auto mechanics, and restaurants to send follow-up email sequences to their clients.

So for example a auto mechanic asks their clients for their email (usually through a paper form)and will send them a follow-up sequence where after the sale they send them a feedback form in the first email, 3 days later a email with useful information, and a week later a maybe a coupon.

Is there an email marketing software that would make it easy for a business to enter the customer's information, and send them a sequence like this automatically? It seems like most email marketing software is tailored to online marketing, subscription, or email lists.

Something relevantly cheap would be preferable.
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    In the past, I think Mailchimp and Aweber offer a service for offline business, but I don't know if the service still is available, but a quick idea would be to create a QR Code that sends your client to a signup form, that would be an easy and fast way to capture their email, there just need to use their phone and scan the code and going to open the browser with your landing page and there can put their name and email and done. You can follow up using any email marketing services.

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    All email platforms have the ability for manual input of contacts. No software will make it any easier if it is manual input. so just use something like aweber and that should take care of it all.


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    You can use pretty much any kind of email marketing automation software to achieve this today.
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