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Hi All

I noticed that when sending from a new IP address, big ISPs sort all emails into the spam folder and block any links or images in the email content.

This leads to block opens tracking pixel (which is a small-size image), which causes a problem in collecting openers and clickers since I can't track the opens on any email marketing app.

Should I just try to build a reputation for the new IP so that the emails go to the inbox folder, or should I ask the recipients to click on the "This message is not spam" button to unblock the images and links?

Does anyone face such a problem or know how to overcome it?

I searched the forum but did not find any discussion about this issue, even though it is critical.
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    You need to be using a warm up service like Warmup Inbox.

    You also need to be working to build authority on your domain and IP.

    Your domain authority and IP send Scores should be in the high 90's.

    You can also do this by sending email that contains no promotional content until later in the funnel.

    This can help with your engagement metrics and also help build rep before you start trying to monetize your clients.

    Hope this helps.
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    I know what you mean.

    I was already using this service, then I stopped.

    This is a good strategy to ensure that emails reach the inbox thanks to this service and then gradually increase the volume to reach the desired one.

    The only drawback is all warm-up services do not warm up the IP/domain for each ISP. They are just doing a random (mixed) warm-up. This is the reason why I stopped using Warmup Inbox.

    I prefer to do a separate warm-up for each ISP, but it seems that re-using this service again is the best solution so far.

    I have not sent any promotional content or links yet. I only sent welcome and educational emails.

    Thanks a lot.
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