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Given that you've properly set up everything you would need, which is more effective?
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    Email is going to be 10-100x more cost effective then any social media strategy.
    The big draw to email is the cost to send, the scale and the speed at which you can grow.
    Even growth hacking on social does not compare to what can be done in email with big budgets, great systems, and a top of the line sales funnel. The comparables are not even close, and there is only one clear winner.
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    I'd say the market rate of email newsletter software subscriptions (hundreds of dollars per month) tells us how effective it is.

    Social is meant to be non intrusive, and a great way to bring in subscribers for the long haul.

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    When comparing email marketing to social media marketing, it's important to consider the unique strengths of each platform. Email marketing allows for direct communication with a targeted audience, making it an effective tool for personalized messaging and building relationships with customers. With high open rates and the ability to track metrics like click-through rates, email marketing provides valuable insights into customer behavior.

    On the other hand, social media marketing offers a more interactive and engaging platform for reaching a broader audience. With the potential for viral sharing and real-time engagement, social media can help increase brand visibility and foster community engagement. By leveraging both email and social media marketing strategies in tandem, businesses can create a comprehensive digital marketing approach that maximizes reach and engagement across multiple channels.
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