Re-opt in when switching autoresponders?

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I am thinking about switching my autoresponder provider, but I am not sure if my list need to re-optin, or if I can simply transfer the list as is. Any one knows if there are some legalities I should be aware of? Thanks.
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    It depends on the mail service you are switching to

    The legal side of it really comes down to how various service providers interpret things, not just email service providers, but hosts, affiliate programs etc.
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      If you are switching email optin/mailing providers it depends on who you go with. Some places allow you to import the list without having the user re-optin. Some places offer an API you can use and with some coding you can extract your old opt-in lists and import them into the new provider (you have to include Name, Email, and IP as a minimum requirement).

      Do you have any idea of who the new provider will be? Post them and maybe we can provide more detailed suggestions.

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      Contact the service you are thinking of switching to. They will ask about your existing account and will let you know what they are willing to do.

      Some services will allow a list transfer without re-opt-in from other services that were double opt-in to begin with.

      Let us know how it goes.



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  • I got a request similar to that from a well known (and respected) marketer today. The interesting thing was that the new optin form asked for a telephone number.

    Since I've been caught before by persistant (read 'highly annoying') salespeople telephoning and offering training, the new optin form didn't get my details.


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    Thanks for all the replies. I currently have MailChimp on one of my sites, but I would like to give a try to Aweber too on my another site (the $1 trial), and maybe also check out GetResponse on the third one. All three sites have completely different type of content (thus collecting completely diferrent lists) and all I want is to test the autoresponders and then decide which one I like better, and transfer the lists to it.
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    • It will depend on the newer autoresponder you will use: can they accept bulk imported email address without double opt-in.

      Switching autoresponder is not a good idea, that is why choosing the right one for a lifetime when starting this business is a very important step.

      May we know: what autoresponder do you use and why are you going to switch it?
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        I personally use GetResponse for my lists. They are priced decent and the layout/panel is very clean. They also have a nice API if you want to integrate it into any existing websites you run.

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        Originally Posted by partofsolution_dot_com View Post

        May we know: what autoresponder do you use and why are you going to switch it?
        Thanks everyone who participated, it helped a lot.
        To answer the question, I use MailChimp, but I wanted to test Aweber and GetResponse too and then pick the one I like best. But I guess I will stick with MailChimp. I already use it, know it quite well and I am also happy with it. So no really a need to change it, just wanted to "test the waters" with the other two autoresponders.
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    Originally Posted by Palusko View Post

    I am thinking about switching my autoresponder provider, but I am not sure if my list need to re-optin, or if I can simply transfer the list as is. Any one knows if there are some legalities I should be aware of? Thanks.
    Hey dude,

    iContact let's you import subscribers into their database without making them opt-in again like how Aweber does it.

    I collect all my opt-ins using Aweber and import them into iContact at the end of the day. That way they don't have to opt-in again and I don't loose subscribers.
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    Just to throw another one into the mix.
    Have you looked at ImnicaMail?

    Richelo is on this forum (owner of IM) and they have great competitive low pricing start ups. They will also import your list for you (conditions apply). Contact him on this forum or via his site.

    I have been testing his service, and the latest version is much better. More features being added all the time, its a good service.

    Just shop around for what is best for you. They are not all the same these days and some things you can do with GR for example, you cannot with Aweber. So make sure whichever provider you go with, you get what you need to suit your business.

    Always better to stick with the one though, unless you find your delivery rates falling bad.

    All the best with your hunt.


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    As Kevin stated iContact will allow you to do this. They will examine your posts a bit more than usual but as long as you are not spamming or violating their TOS they allow the practice.
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    In my opinion, Aweber costs a lot, But I have to agree that they are probably the best autoresponder out there, a lot of marketers use their services... However for Newbie marketers, 19Dollars is too much for someone who doesn't have a lot of subscribers, Listwire is perhaps the only option for people who don't have a lot of money to invest.

    So it makes sense that most Internet Marketers will often switch their autoresponders.

    If you want to switch Autoresponders most of them will ask you for your Subscribers IPs, Date they joined, Name and Email.

    Email Autoresponder companies need to make this process a bit simpler.
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    What "makes sense" is reading a thread BEFORE you post in it - so you don't bump a thread from 2010!
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