How to increase you emails open rate?

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I've seen this question a lot, and I would like to answer it from my experience.
if you have a list or maybe it's a huge list and you have few and little open rates, the problem definitely on you. if there is anyone opt in to your list because maybe they have interested in your lead magnet. chances are that they on other marketers lists also I'm I correct, think of it logically. if they on other marketers lists how you can separate yourself from this competition. look at what typical marketers do they always pitch since anyone opt in their emails lists. and because of that their open rates always decrease until it disappear, if anybody opt in to your list don't pitch them on the first 5 or 6 emails, provide them value, make them know who you are as a person, with that you will build a good relationship with your list.
Maybe you heard this argument "MONEY ON THE LIST" but this isn't true I'm saying "MONEY ON THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR LIST", you need your prospects to be responsive to your emails and you can do that with providing them value, free stuff. I don't say that you don't try to sell them.
as long as you have good relation with your list. you will make more open rates and more sales.

This is it, this is just is, this is the most important factor of increasing your open rates.

I wouldn't talk about good title or short email. because if people know you will they will open your emails whatever title you have.

I hope this question was helpful to you. let me know what do you think by replies.
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    Good point, having an excellent relationship with your list is crucial and often overlooked especially by beginners.
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    This topic gets covered to death and yet the people asking the question rarely listen. They're typically looking for the quick buck or are desperate. Here's an example of doing it wrong.

    On another forum I frequent, there was a college student who was posting his experience over the course of over a year. At first he did some things wrong and had to restart but then he got going. Can't remember how he started generating leads but when he got to a certain point he started buying solo ads and then later doing swaps and click banking.

    When he got to around 1000 or so subscribers he said he was making about $1.50 a month per subscriber which is pretty good. A year (or maybe it was 9 months) later, he had his list up to around 15k subscribers but was only making maybe $0.15 per subscriber per month. He had continued doing swaps, solo ads, click banking etc which, when you think about it, is just going to get you people already on lists for the same sorts of things. Without "fresh" subscribers you would expect your revenue to go down, open rates to be less etc. In addition to that, he was emailing them at least once a day, sometimes twice and just hitting them with offer after offer. He wasn't providing any value that would make a person really want to open those emails or buy what he was selling.
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    If you're doing the IM solos, then yes most definitely your subscribers are going to be on AT LEAST 10, 20, or 30 or more other IM'ers lists. This is ok if you're good at email marketing and building that relationship up with them and know how to stand out.

    Also, curiosity sells
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      Originally Posted by JCorp View Post

      If you're doing the IM solos, then yes most definitely your subscribers are going to be on AT LEAST 10, 20, or 30 or more other IM'ers lists. This is ok if you're good at email marketing and building that relationship up with them and know how to stand out.

      Also, curiosity sells

      I agree but there are other factors to consider for Solos...

      If a Solo seller did his job right, he split his list in 2 parts : The BUYERS lists and the SOLO list.

      It's been proven over and over that after 21 days of educational e-mailing, if a consumer didn't buy from you, chances he never will. So from that point I convert them into Solos.

      ... And from day 22, the nurturing takes a dive as they start getting "spammed" we could say ... but I pull 0.40$ per click I sell on average so even thow I don't nurture the list at this point, doesn't change a thing for me because I can sell up to 2000 clicks per day through my list.

      Once you're in the Solo biz, it becomes a "Churn & Burn" process.

      I sell Solos to buy more Solos for my own funnels, wich allows me to grow my list way faster then most traditional list builders.

      I also add PPL and CBanking to the mix making my list grow exponencially!

      So do I care about open rates? More or less for the Solos but a lot for my buyers lists!

      But the fact remains, for most list builders, Nurturing your list and building relations will be your key to success because people need to know you, like you, trust you before they buy from you! That will never change!

      If you're not a compulsive buyer, simply think about how you shop for yourself and this is how most people shop too!
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    This post here shows you how to build a solid list:

    Many people make the mistake of not treating people how you'd like to be treated.

    Once you understand that and stop chasing money you'll build a solid list
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    Completely true! I would say that segmentation of your list is also the key, even if at the beginning you don't know so many things about your list, you can get to know them by different campaigns .

    For example if you send 3 emails with premium wordpress plugins and x% doesn't open any of them, you won't send further wordpress plugin related emails to those people etc .
    Signature - Send 350,000 emails / month for $175
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    Hi, thank you for this information its great for beginners like myself who are just getting there list established.
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    Really it's a very good topic. very helpful and useful thanks for sharing that wonderful points for increasing performance.
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