My First Squeeze Funnel

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Hi All,

I've spent literally a couple of months attempting to get a funnel in place so I can begin building a list.

I have my Report ready (14,000) words.

I also have a couple of products in mind to promote upon subscription as shown here:

I have a couple of products from Warrior Forum I'd like to promote alongside building, in the hopes I can start profiting instantly, and as it lays out in the thread above, my understanding is that this is how I should begin anyway.

All I'm struggling with is binding it all together, where to send them at what point.

My understanding is this:

Squeeze Page -> Optin -> Send them to first offer (OTO) -> They Buy then I move them into buyers list / If they don't buy I send them to a downsell (Cheaper product than the first) -> They don't buy again I send them to a thankyou page where they can get the report I promised.

I then begin to follow up in emails, try to help my subscribers out and build a relationship with them (I don't want to be one of those types that just blast my inbox and never personally respond to anything, I'd like to be part of my list rather than using my list).

Is this the correct process?

Would anyone be willing to point me in the right direction?

Thanks to you Warriors, I always appreciate any help I gain through this amazing forum.

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    that how Squeeze Page works so it's sound good
    my be you will get some good tips here

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    it will show you how to make a good relationship with your list
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    What email marketing software are you using?
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    Looks good. What sort of sales and conversions did you get from this?

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    I love google and yahoo

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    If i were you, I would give them the report before you send them to the sale. Some people may leave your page when they get to the sales page because they may think that you're only trying to sell them something. This can hinder your relationship with your buyer early and can make them not even want to open your emails. But if you give them the report first, they will have a satisfaction and will build more trust to you from buyer
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    That's a good looking formula. Have you had some luck with it so far?
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    I think your on the right track. Testing will tell you. Go for it and see how it plays.
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