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Ok I have a auto responder with pure leverage and have a campaign that promotes dotcomsecretsx...Anyway I wanted that after my subscribers have finished that auto responder, that they are sent to a new campaign where I would send daily broadcasts.

BUT for some reason this is not a option yet??!!??!!??

So my predicament is that if I send daily broadcasts my subscribers that are still receiving the auto responder will get bombarded with too many emails from me.

Is there anything I can do as the support at pure leverage wasn't helpful at all...Apart from just tell me that it's not an option yet.
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    I'm not familiar with PL but if they have an API then I guess you could write some script that could do it.
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    PL is junk dude... There hosting is soooo unreliable. I gave them every opportunity but they refused to improve their services, this includes their PL email autoresponder crap
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      Well I think if I can't find a way to message my 30 day plus subscribers separate from the "Still on the auto responder" then I might have to go some where else...The annoying thing was I not long left Aweber, as I thought pure leverage being all big with email marketing and auto responder that they would have this simple tool.

      If anyone has any idea's or a way I can work around it that would be great.

      How do you email and separate your subscribers?
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    Originally Posted by SGJunkie View Post

    Ok I have a auto responder with pure leverage
    Apologies for sounding unhelpful, but that's why you have these problems, I'm afraid. That's just the way it is. You need to use a proper autoresponder. That's what it boils down to - for all of us.
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    Perhaps you could space out your dotcomsecrets sequence and still provide some additional value in the form of your broadcast emails.

    For example: You could have your sequence go out say, 2-3 times a week or less, but then offer something vastly different to your list on one set day. Something like every Friday or Wednesday or whatever you choose.

    And you could frame it from a marketing perspective as "A Weekly Roundup" of sorts. This way, your subs list won't feel as bombarded with your message.

    And if my memory serves me well, PL does have that video email option that you could use to greatly differentiate yourself to your list by sending your broadcasts as video emails.

    Perhaps your list would respond more favorably to seeing your face, a vid tutorial, or the like.

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    Another way that could kinda address the problem of list segmenting would be to create some automation rules under your "campaigns" tab in PL.

    There is an option to subscribe people automatically to another campaign when they sign up for the dotcomsecrets one or any other one.

    Just create a campaign that doesn't have a autoresponder sequence attached and have people automatically be subscribed to it.

    Maybe use this campaign specifically for broadcasts. It doesn't automatically happen so it's not an exact solution to moving subs from one campaign to another once their sequence has ended but it may help a little.

    Do that same thing for unsubscribers too just to make sure people who unsubscribe from the dotcomsecrets cam are also unsubbed from the other broadcast cam.
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    Lastly, and this is just my opinion, I don't feel that more messages is the way to go, regardless of what autoresponder you're using.

    Perhaps taking a look at the overall message itself (how you are trying to help people) and seeing how you can refine it would be better.

    Because after a 30 day sequence, is it really wise to follow that up with daily broadcasts? Will that 57th message from you be the one that makes people go "Wow, this product is the shiznit"?

    And maybe they will, who knows.

    Hope this helps a little.
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    I think a 10 day auto sequence is far better with good info as opposed to a long series that does not convert.

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