554 Your access to this mail system has been rejected due to the sending MTA's poor reputation.

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I work from home. I have a company domain through a host. Sometimes when I send mail, it gets rejected because of the title.

I believe that this is due to my having a dynamic ip address as the originating address (i.e. my desktop PC). I find my host less than forthcoming on how to get-past this issue and so, ask those here with more experience what my options are.

Please note, I use mass mailers for large email campaigns, this issue pertains only to individual emails to whom I am responding, people known to me and in large firms with IT departments.

Many thanks!

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    Try getting a static IP,address as I had the same issue and that fixed it

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    Would sending from a VPS help with that?
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    Originally Posted by DevDude View Post

    I find my host less than forthcoming on how to get past this issue
    I think what you really need is to start hosting with a decent, proper, helpful company that isn't owned by the dreaded Endurance International Group (and isn't called GoDaddy or 1and1).

    I'm quite sure that I wouldn't be hosting my business's websites at a company whose Help Desk staff are "less than forthcoming" about answering everyday, basic questions of this type. This is what actually matters, here, in the long run, surely?

    (Have you actually asked to speak to a Supervisor or Manager and then asked them "Why are your staff being less than forthcoming about the answer to such a basic question as this, and what are you going to do about that?").


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