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Hi folks,

Am in the process of re-writing my main follow up sequence and from there re-writing some sub lists all based on my avatars and research I have accumulated.

Out of interest, how long are your follow up sequences?

I have seen some massive ones and other folk seem to stop at 7-14.

Just keen to hear about you.


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    It depends a lot on the niche. If you're dealing with an evergreen topic it makes sense to have a longer follow-up series as you can really save a lot of time, and the information you're sending out will remain good, up to date information.

    If you're dealing with IM, or any sort of tech niche really, I personally believe that a shorter series is the way to go.

    For any campaign where the timeliness of my content is a big concern, I'll just do a really short sort of introduction series, and then I'll switch to doing regular broadcasts.

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    Mine is currently 36 emails over the course of 5 months, but I will eventually make it much longer, over 1 year probably. It is the perfect way to build a relationship with your audience and sell products on autopilot. If it works for your niche, make it as long as possible.

    If you plan to send out a lot of broadcasts then it would be okay to have a short auto responder. Personally, I like to do the work now and reap the benefits later.
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    I agree, it depends on the niche. The IM niche is a fast paced niche which doesn't really allow you to create a follow up sequence for months on end, so i would say a 10 part follow up is the maximum i do.

    For other niches you can basically create a follow up for an entire year if you want to give you a nice automated income stream, without having to fear to send outdated information to your subscribers.
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    I have over 100 emails in mines.

    My list is linked to my blog so every blog post on my site is linked back to, some multiple times, mixed in with email exclusives, content from around the web I wanted to share, and promo messages.

    I don't agree that IM niche doesn't allow you to create a long series. Most of the basics of IM stay the same. My content is mostly ever green and relevant for a long time.

    My emails go out every 2 days.
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