what i should email marketing

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Dear All

I need your help because i am doing first time email marketing so please tell what i should on first time
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    Its a very general question, this is like asking how to make it online.
    What kinda niche you are in ?
    Are you selling something, your product, affiliate products ?
    Do you know whats your target audience?
    Did you already start a list ?
    Answer these questions for yourself and start building a targeted list.
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    Make sure you tell your subscribers why you're emaling them. It's important to set expectations early on. I'd also put your unsubscribe link at the top of the email at first. This way, people are more likely to click "unsubscribe" then "spam." If they click, "spam," it will hurt your reputation, which is important in email marketing. Just keep your emails simple and don't make it to image-heavy. Text is your friend.
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      1. Provide value in your emails. Share tricks, thoughts, market condition, etc.
      2. Exude authority right from the beginning. You need your subscribers to know that you're someone to look up to. If you have a brand you can try telling them your brand as well.
      3. Set expectation. You don't want a list containing freebie seekers. You want a list with buyers. Promote from the beginning, though it doesn't have to be hard sell. Recommendation works great.

      Hope that helps.

      ~ Budi T

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    Let 's provide a valuable tips first before you suggest them any product/service. They need to see something useful before doing next step.
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  • Why are you doing email marketing?

    Who are you marketing to?

    What are you selling?

    Are you selling real products and services or scammy junk stuff from clickbank?

    *Not that everything from clickbank is a scam or junk, it's just you have to be really careful when selling affiliate products that you make sure the products are genuine and actually do what they say they do*

    Did you buy a list from someone or did you generate it yourself?

    If you already have a niche site and got the emails from people who are interested in your niche, then just continue to send them valuable information on that topic.

    Use yours or somebody else's copywriting skills to schedule when you should sell whatever items you have to sell.

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    When it comes to email marketing, I try to be friendly instead of launching head on into the product/service I want to offer. Building trust is important, so I give facts. Then, I introduce how my product/service can help like how a friend would do for you.

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