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I'm new to Windows 8 (just have it installed onto my computer)

Does it come with Outlook Express?

Could you recommend any email client / alternative?

Thank you.
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      Originally Posted by AmazonAff View Post

      I'll 2nd this. Been using it for years and a big fan. From the same guys that make Firefox

      Always learning. Always drinking tea

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    MS stopped Outlook Express a few years ago. Now it's Windows Live. But you may prefer Outlook. Thunderbird's a solid program too.
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    I'll cast another vote for Thunderbird. If you need Outlook calendar support, just install the Lightning plugin and you're good to go with professional-level features at practically no cost.

    I have to admit though I've gotten more and more into using Gmail exclusively online...with the right setup you can manage multiple POP accounts from your one Gmail page and run fast and efficient filters. I now use Thunderbird only when I need to separate out the mail for an account to be archived
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