what to do with this type of email?

by moreno
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Hi , i have over 1300 registred user on one of my blog ,i wonder if i can send mail to them ,or use all this email to monetize my blog .
I cannot add to my autoresponder that's why i wonder what to do with all this email adresse in the IM niche .
any advise ?
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    Hey Warriors ,
    i really would like some expert to give me an answer
    This 13000 are not opt in but user registration type of email
    No way to use them for a list ?
    let me hear you say i'm dummie
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    Or, just switch to GetResponse. They'll allow you to add the users to your autoresponder list. It's free for the first 30 days. Can't hurt to give it a try.
    Get a FREE Conversion Optimization Consultation. No B.S. No upsell. Beta service needs testimonials!.

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      the bulk email is quiet expensive but as positive side too.
      Get response i'm not sure they let you use email from not optin or double optin ,because the blog user aren't regular optin people.
      i use EBizac as autoresponder and i can't do that only double optin or single optin but i need the IP too.
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        If you have an opt-in on your blog, and these people have chosen to register rather than opt-in, I'd say you're stuck. You don't have permission to email them with promotions.

        About the best you can do is try to entice them onto your AR list by sending them to an offer in a blog post or page.
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          that's exactly what i guess i will have to do to get somenthing out of all this Users
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  • If I were you I would drop my autoresponder and immediately pickup GetResponse.

    But before you start uploading emails anywhere, you need to first clean your list. Go here:

    Email Address Validation Service - Email List Validation Software

    This is what I have done.

    Hope this helps,


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    I know Wordpress has some plugins that let you email registered users on your blog. Check out the one called "Newsletters" to mail out.

    I recommend in the future to register to Aweber or Getresponse and get an optin form on your blog.
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      i use ebizac and i'm quiet happy ,i have a range of 35000 subribers included ,unlimited emailto my subs, and all what i need included,in my hosting account ( unlimited domain ,unlimited cpanel and much more
      i'm checking out the plugin for wp.
      thanks for sharing
      The service to clean email sound good too.
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      i have optin form in my blog ,thanks
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