A question about List Building with customers

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Hi there,

I've got a question regarding Listbuiliding.

I am German and here in Germany the privacy is very strictly regulated.

I can only send people mail, if they have been entered as double opt-in on my list.

It is not enough that people have bought something with me.

Is this in the U.S. too?
Or I may also add customers to my list and then send those mails?

Thanks a lot

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    In the US, if they are a current or recent customer (meaning they have purchased something within the last 2 years), or you've already been emailing them regularly... then you are considered to have permission to email them.

    That's not quoted from the law, and I'm not a lawyer. It's just generally accepted understanding of the rules.
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    Originally Posted by Mercynew View Post

    Or I may also add customers to my list and then send those mails?
    Yes. It's widely accepted that you can send emails to your own customers, even if you've added them to a list in an automated way when they bought.

    I'm no lawyer, but I thought I was reasonably familiar with EU email marketing regulations, and I'm very surprised to see your comment about needing to have confirmation rather than just a single opt-in. I may be wrong. Have you actually heard this recently, from an up-to-date lawyer who's familiar with current European internet business legislation?

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    Hello Alexa

    I can not speak for all of Europe. But in Germany this is a huge topic.

    Here is a little over the top with the Privacy Policy. I think it is somehow in our nature. And this is reflected in our laws again.

    In Germany but also very easy reprimanded already for small errors.

    And that can be very expensive. Armies of lawyers have specialized it.

    This is so crazy here that no longer really shows through.

    But if you send someone promotional emails in Germany without! Double Opt-In!, you get real trouble.

    Because it does not matter, you send a customer or non-customers a promotional mail.

    There are indeed agencies, where you can buy leads. Even if you do, use those leads which you have bought here, you can get in trouble.

    You can not prove whether these people really want in your list :-)

    I hope, you can understand my english ;-)


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      Originally Posted by Mercynew View Post

      I hope, you can understand my english ;-)
      With no difficulty at all - and many thanks for your kind reply!
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  • Hey Mercy,

    I'm in the U.S. and I use both GetResponse and AWeber and use single opt-ins with no problem. Wow.. Sorry to hear about that your situation. In my experience 40% of opt-ins do not confirm. You must lose a ton of subscribers.


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    No I am not aware of this happening in the US but you can try to use a proxy or you can locate a VPN site or software
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    No I am also not aware these such things for Email marketing In US


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