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Hello Warriors,

I recently got my email suspended from bluehost because they dont want people sending email blasts out. But the thing is, when I was doing this I've gotten a ton of business and I need to keep doing this but with a different program or provider or something.

I've bought a email list for my niche that works well, I just need to find a product that makes is so that I can send out email blasts.

I would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions. I thank you guys in advance!!
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    This isn't the right place to ask.

    You're talking about the sending out of bulk, unsolicited email, and in this forum offering advice about doing that has actually been a banning offense for more than a decade, now.

    No commercial autoresponder service is going to allow you to import a "bought list".

    It will be more than just your hosting account that gets suspended, if you carry on spamming people.
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    Agreed with Alexa...

    The fact that you got banned should show you that this isn't a sloid business model

    Just build your list the legitimate way and you'll be able to prosper and never have to worry about stuff like this.
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    If you follow the spam guidelines and put an unsubscribe button and all that stuff. Won't it be a great marketing plan?
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      Originally Posted by Rainb0y View Post

      If you follow the spam guidelines and put an unsubscribe button and all that stuff. Won't it be a great marketing plan?
      No, it won't.

      It will be a dreadful one, that will produce you no income at all, but will get you into considerable trouble (as hundreds here have discovered, to their cost, before you), putting in jeopardy your domain-name registrations, hosting, and even your internet connection.

      Difficult to believe that you've already experienced some of the problems involved in this, by having your email account suspended, yet you're still asking about it and even now telling us what a good idea you wrongly imagine it could be!

      Some people just have to learn everything the hard way.

      It's unfortunate, because the kind of activity you're asking about is what earns internet marketers, collectively, a bad reputation as "spammers", so don't expect too warm a reception here for your idea, because it's the kind of behavior that actually damages all of us.

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    I Agree with Alexa

    If the email account is getting suspended, banned, or what have you...something should tell you, the way your running your business will not give you long jevity.
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    As Alexa said this forum isn't the right place to ask. And what you're doing is likely against TOS with any average web host because of the potential risk and resource usage, and could be illegal in US. Some form of bulk-ish mailing is allowed in some countries, but definitely not in the jurisdiction that Bluehost falls under.

    There's even been IM offers where the product is just the plain old unsolicited email. The vendors promise a list, bulk email service, and even products for a hefty price tag. Even with all that money those vendors have had problems providing the servers because every legitimate operator needs to mind the status of their IP addresses. And because those guys were in it for the easy money, not the longevity of their clients' businesses... This kind of IM blast has been popular recently, maybe because of these spam products that've been for sale.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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      You're stuck in a Catch-22 here.

      Hosts that aren't labeled as spammers and blacklisted ban accounts for spamming. Hosts that allow spamming are mostly labeled as spammers and their email doesn't get delivered.

      I wish I could wish you luck on this, but I can't...
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        Is there any websites or useful information that I could potentially research this a little more? All the TOS laws and what not?

        I guess I'm going to have to have my niche opt into a mailing list....

        I've made about 20k so far this year... Most is because of sending out flyers, (email blast, I guess) and the rest is referrals or word of mouth.. The clients that I've picked I have them under exclusive agreements so they can only use me for my services..
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