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by Jarrod
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I started list-building fairly recently (after years of doing various things online & off to make $) and as I study and learn more about list building, two things I see taught a lot are clickbanking and buying solo ads.

Maybe there is something I am just not getting here, but from all I learn a few things just aren't "clicking". (Pun intended.)

1-First off, I refuse to do anything to the people on my list that I would not want done to me. And one thing I would not want done to me is for someone to recommend a product/service NOT because it's a good product/service they truly recommend, but because their is some sort of incentive for them to get me to click. I have ZERO problem with them getting some sort of incentive for my click, but I do have a problem with that being the sole reason for their recommendation.

2-As I start to dive in and learn the ropes of clickbanking (as you can see in my signature) I've had a couple of folks contact me interested in banking some clicks. Then I'd inquire as to what their squeeze page is and what the freebie item is they are offering. Then I ask "is this freebie item something you have actually used and would recommend." The response is either "well...not exactly" or dead silence.

Sorry (actually no, I'm not sorry) but if someone signs up to join my list, that means a lot to me and I feel an obligation to treat them right. And these tactics just ain't right.

Any tips/advice would be much appreciated here. Thanks!
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    Dear Friend....
    You are quite right.....In the ruthless world of solo ads....These emotions are not at all welcomed...
    You are asking for Clickbanking partner....? You will have tough find a partner just like you.....Who feel pain...when it comes to sending an email at the cost of your subscribers....

    Wish You Luck!
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    Most people in the clickbanking game aren't in to make relationships, but instead rely on a "by the numbers" / churn and burn model.

    It's possible to find partners who are like-minded, but obviously it will be more work.

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    Yeah, guess I'm just old fashioned. I actually want to know, help, have a relationship with, and add real value to anyone who joins my list.
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    I'd you can afford it solo adds are by far the best paid traffic you can buy!

    Developing software which makes users go WOW
    I love google and yahoo

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