How to sell an email list? 25k Members

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Im new to this side of things, but have an Australian Jeep forum with over 25k members, largest in Australia.

A friend told me you can sell your database email list? How is this type of thing done?
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    I don't know if it'd be a good idea to just sell the list. But my first thought would be to just sell the whole forum/domain.
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    You can try solo ads...You can find plenty Facebook groups regarding this and also you can search Google for websites about solo ads... Solo ads is not like you sell the database as a whole but a person will to buy clicks from you. You can send them clicks by sending your 25k list to try "this(solo ad buyer's link)" something like this via email.

    Hope it helps
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    Your list is an asset, do not sell it. Also, there are legal implications if someone who buys it misuses it.

    Instead, learn how to leverage it.

    This site, for instance, sends out an email every day with its "Daily Deal" - you know they are taking a cut of every sale.

    There are many ideas, and this forum is full of discussions which are relevant.

    Good luck.
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      That seems like it would be a nicely targeted , high engagement forum/list.

      Learn about affiliate marketing

      That's where you sell other people's stuff to your list - often for a good commission (25% - 75%+)

      Find vendors who would like to sell to your market - and JV (joint venture) with them

      They offer their stuff - perhaps with your endorsement - to your list -

      You share in the profits.

      As someone above has already said - your list is a big asset -

      there are plenty of ways discussed here on the WF to monetize it.

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    Selling your list is not a good idea at all for a simple reason that nobody will buy it for decent money, since is a big risk for a serious business.
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    You can try solo ads.
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