Should I ditch Constant Contact?

by AmyKay
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I'm doing work for a client who uses Constant Contact, and I'm thinking about recommending they switch to aweber. Here are 3 features they want, and I just don't think Constant Contact can do well, if at all. Suggestions are welcome!

1. NICE looking popover. There are very few plugins that work out of the box with constant contact, and they certainly don't look good or have advanced features that control how often it's displayed, turn off for members, etc. Anyone know of a good one I missed?

2. Ping for automatic add and removal from lists. We want to add a ping link to our membership plugin that will automatically add new paying members to a list, and move them back if they cancel their membership. Surely,there must be a way! But it must be "ping."

3. The ability to set rules. So, if someone is on a "non-member" list, they should be moved automatically to a "member" list, and back again if they cancel. I've done this in aweber, but I can't find this feature in CC at all.

Yes, I called CC and the guy couldn't help me. BUT, I know, that Warriors know more than CC support!

If they didn't have such a HUGE list already in CC, I wouldn't even hesitate. What are your thoughts?

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    Take a look at awpro tools. It works with aweber
    and has some really useful features.

    It does 2 of the three things you want to do.

    I'm sure there are also plenty of pop over solutions

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    Aweber is expensive but still is the best in my view as I have a 4000 list

    Developing software which makes users go WOW
    I love google and yahoo

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    I really like Aweber but it is more expensive... But what's you time worth?

    Developing software which makes users go WOW
    I love google and yahoo

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