Guru's of e-mail marketing.

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Hey, me again. I was wondering who are the people that master e-mail marketing, i would like to do some research and find video tutorials of them or something.

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    andre chaperon
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    Originally Posted by 1337Teh View Post

    Guru's of e-mail marketing.
    No personal experience of him, but I understand (and from people whose opinions I trust) that André Chaperon, as mentioned above, is indeed worth a look.

    The rest of the "gurus" whose stuff I've ever seen, myself, were decidedly not.

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    Well John Chow (a well known blog on the internet) supposedly bases his whole business model on capturing email leads. He gives away a lot of free information if you want to check him out.
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    You may want to check out Daegan Smith. His business is built
    on lead generation and email marketing.

    -Ray Edwards
    The most powerful and concentrated copywriting training online today bar none! Autoresponder Writing Email SECRETS
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      Hi Ray - good comments. Just noticed your Bible book - will order tonight. Thanks.
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        Thanks, will definitely take a look at these guys )
        ** Looking for a JV PARTNER who is an experienced email marketer to create a killer membership site/product in the IM / MMO niche together! To discuss all the details please contact me at:
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    The book "Predictable Revenue" has a great section on Cold Calling 2.0, which talks about how to build email lists and how to write emails that give you a great list of qualified leads.
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      I believe Lee Murray is a guy to look at as well.

      His emails are so addictive, his subscribers literally begged him to keep him sending more!

      Go to his blog here: EMAIL LIST BUILDING TIPS

      I hope that helps!

      ~ Budi T

      STOP wasting your money into hypes and BS.
      Turn your traffic and subscribers into White Hot Cash!

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    You will need to take a more holistic approach and get your thinking right. This one article has done a lot for my business but it will not tell you exactly what to do. You will have to determine how to incorporate the concepts into whatever it is you are doing now.

    Why Sales People shouldn't Prospect - An interview with Aaron Ross | For Entrepreneurs
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    Shane Farrell and Bryan Harkins, Have created probably the most successful email marketing and product creation group to ever hit. They are coaching people and getting these people unheard of results.
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    I am the guru of email marketing.
    Ricco Davis is another good couch for email marketers.
    Let's Connect On Skype: Kyle.Shea.777 | LeadsPlusData.Com - View All Data Here
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    Jay White is the guru to the gurus in that space... If you want him to write a single email for you, you will have to pay upwards of $1000.

    However, you should find your own way and approach to doing things.

    Personally I dislike "gurus".

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    I'm a big fan of Terry Dean. Considered by some to be the 'godfather' of internet marketing. Andre Chaperon is another email marketer I like.
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  • Personal opinion: Jon McCulloch is hands down the best I've come across to date.

    Ben Settle for sure.

    Daniel Levis is a powerhouse.

    Main point is to inject your own personality into your emails. Tell stories. Be authentic. Be YOU and not some snot nosed twat who writes to not offend rather than having real opinions.

    Truth is, the more emails you write, the better you get. It's not much different than having a conversation with a stranger at the bus stop. If you can do that, you can write emails that people will read.

    Write from a place of confidence and don't be afraid to show your true character, warts and all.

    Best of luck moving forward.
    Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
    for the freedoms weak people give away for safety
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    Ben Settle's stuff helped me out a lot. I am just now getting into Andre Chaperon.

    Other names I have heard but haven't studied yet...Terry Dean and Matt Furey (lot of folks seem to like Matt Furey)....

    The machine from Ryan Deiss and Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula seem to be largely email programs....

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