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My company sells physical products(our own brand) that are specifically targeted to women between the ages of 20-35. The demographics do vary a little bit, but that's the general make up. We do anywhere between 500-700 sales a day.

When a prospect signs up, and than does not finish their order, they go into our database. Currently, we have just shy of a million subscribers, with about 1,000 fresh leads coming in per day.

I send them a one time email the next day, and than I do not contact them again. I've seen amazing results with this strategy, reaching up to 50 sales a day just from remarketing.

I'm thinking of ways to further monetize this database, and I wanted to get your opinion on sending them solo ads. I've noticed most solo providers list are only targeted for the IM niche. I am sure there are many affiliates and product owners alike that could benefit from my list. This list is 100% tier 1, since we do not sell our product outside of the USA and CA.

Any thoughts or opinions would be very helpful.
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    Well if you have a million email addresses of people who opted in to your list, then you basically have a goldmine on your hands.

    If i were you i would first try to monetize the list myself. If you haven't been promoting to them before make sure to warm them up a little and don't go sending one offer after another.

    You could also contact offline busineses if you have demographics about your list. Not sure which type of busineses you could contact with the info you provided but i'm sure you can figure that out.
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      Originally Posted by JensSteyaert View Post

      Well if you have a million email addresses of people who opted in to your list, then you basically have a goldmine on your hands.

      If i were you i would first try to monetize the list myself...
      I could not agree more! Exhaust your options that you can give them. If you can increase sales even more with your own efforts and analytics, you'll turn that gold mine into a diamond mine. If you aren't running analytics on your emails, I suggest you start. Look at SendGrid. I use the NewRelic dashboard but SendGrid is the actual email signer and I get great insight into the emails I send.

      If after a while you've completely exhausted your list; go for solo. If the list isn't doing you any good, maybe you just don't have the right products for them, but perhaps a 3rd party does have something that appeals to them.

      Kalob from

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    I'm an associate for a health company, how much would you charge to solo ad your list if you decided to?
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    How much do you charge per 100 clicks.
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    I'm not sure what a fair price would be, nor the best way to optimize it. That's one of the reasons I wanted to get the opinions of potential customers, and the advice of current Solo Ad providers.

    I also wanted to see if there would be a market for solo's outside of the IM niche.

    I haven't decided if I want to do this, but I wanted to get some feedback together before I pitch the idea to my team.

    Anyone else with knowledge they'd care to share, I'd appreciate it.

    Dental Floss Tycoon

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    You should see if you can add any other products that would appeal to your list by choosing items that are related or in a similar niche. If you try solo ads, make sure you choose sellers/buyers who have products that you feel would appeal to your list so your list doesn't resent being sold to.
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      I'd try two things for sure:

      1) Find a complementary (not competition but are related to your niche) products and arrange affiliate partnership. Set up an autoresponder sequence so you have those additional offers on autopilot (once a week maye during first month). To improve your list response, do a survey on their other needs (physical products but also services) and segment it further so those affiliate offers are targeted as much as possible.

      2) You can arrange occasional solo ads packages but be careful not to send too many different offers. Maybe you could have one day per week - lets say Friday Exclusive General Offers - where you send those solo ad swipes.

      Considering your case I'd rather rely on affiliate option as a main additional income stream.
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