What Should I Do For List Building? PPV or PPC?

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Well i tried free ways but failed, so i decided i'd get into PPC or PPV. I Decided to ask you guys that have experience here.

So i want to start by investing $1,000 as a start. Should i go with PPV or PPC?

I want to build an e-mail list with that. Should i also do CPA while building a list? For example first redirect to offer then grab their email or what?

Or should i just focus on CPA?
Or should i just focus on List Building?

Thanks a lot!
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    PPV and PPC are great ways to build your list. I would suggest using the list building method so that you can keep the leads that you generate. Also use a good capture page and offer the customer something of value free in exchange for the optin. Most times with CPA the leads go to someone else. Be sure to check the reviews on the PPC and PPV networks you plan to advertise through so you work with a good platform. Start small, find what works and then scale up. Good luck.
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    Well, in what niche do you want to build that list? If it's in internet marketing then you would be better off by buying solo ads and then doing click banking and ad swaps to further grow your list.
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    if you have that kind of budget, go the PPV route...and make sure to use a good PPV traffic source like Leadimpact, 50 onred, or traffic vance

    You could build your own squeeze for your list and redirect them to the CPA squeeze page. The conversions for that page might end up lower, but at least you've got them on your list, so you're winning somehow each time

    Internet enthusiast, learning every day!

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        Have you tried using solo ads? There is a type of solo ad that concentrates on funnel clicks which I understand converts better. Testing that right now myself.
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          PPC is good but you need to start small with a small budget to make sure you get your campaign dialed in good - good keywords, good traffic, good action people are taking. It doesn't always happen on the first campaign. It takes testing and tweaking but don't give up. PPC can work good. I use Bing and it's good for traffic and less than Google.

          You need to be VERY careful with solo ads. I done that too and have yet to find an honest solo ad seller that sends real traffic.
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    I'm also testing with PPC, FB ads you can get great traffic from there as well as others have mentioned like Bing
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    well..it all depends on so many things.

    What is your niche?

    How much do you know already?

    Where are you target subscribers hanging out?


    I would suggest you have at least a simple funnel set up...then test small and tweak ...before blowing all your money.

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