Why Building Just Subscribers List Is NOT Enough To Explode Your Earnings?

by amuro
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Truth being said, simply building a subscribers list is NOT enough.

Though you can still make $, your earning potential and even time management will still be limited.

I know a few marketers here and Facebook groups related to internet marketing. They got about 500-600 people on their list but they still struggle to make $.

You might be asking Why?

Here is my answer and probably that of other successful marketers.

Building a subscribers list is just the first step.

Besides building a subscribers list, you need to be building a buyers list. Subscribers list mainly consists of people looking for free information, resources or tools.

That is why they optin to your list.

Nothing else though there is a 50-50 chance they may buy even if you present a one-time offer. But it is still not enough to explode your earnings.

Buyers or customers list is where you get to earn $ now and consistently whether you are promoting other people's products or your own.

Don't get me wrong, You can still promote or follow up with your subscribers list if you want be it your blog posts, more content sharing or products.

But with buyers list, I not only can earn $ from getting them to buy but I can also get them to recommend and share with aka positive reviews if they liked say my product. From here, I built another list called Affiliates list.

Though you can do the same with subscribers list, I personally feel that building Affiliates list from buyers is better because they give honest reviews and feedback which is what most people like to hear.

By doing this, you are also building credibility for yourself indirectly and in time people will want to know you better. Including some successful marketers. This is where you get to build JV list.

And in time when you earn more $ from this, you get to outsource more and do less eventually. This is where you get to build outsourcers list.

Correct me if I am wrong on this.

But is that how you guys segment your lists?
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    Well put amuro,

    building a subscribers list is the first step because when you are newbie, you don't know better. That's why I wouldn't discourage marketers to build subscribers lists. By doing so, they learn the basics, the stats, build relationships (if they are here for the long run) but most importantly then start understanding what this business is all about.

    My segmentation strategy is:
    1) General list
    2) Buyers list
    3) JV list
    4) Readers list (in progress)

    Let me explain.

    Whatever traffic generation method you use, there's always be huge percentage of "general" subscribers. This actually isn't such a bad thing because once you have a bigger list you'll easier scale it's size by ad swapping,click banking and some other methods. The goal of a big general list is - one can become a solo vendor.

    Second is the most precious, the buyers list. You gradually build that list by creating your products and reports (you can offer quality report from $1-5). This list is the biggest asset so you take care of those subscribers and give your max. support. In the end, they earned it by giving you their money and trust.

    Third and very important is your partners list. As you produce different products, there'll be more and more affiliate who'd like to work with you so make sure you have those sign up forms on your JV launch pages. Why? Well, once you have a list of solid JV partners it is sooooo much easier to do a profitable and successful promotion or launch.

    The last one is your website readers list. Why is it different than general list? Those visitors first came to your website, liked the content and applied for more. You have a head start there - relationship even before you started that autoresponder sequence. That's why you need to have different approach - engaging visitors will most likely convert into buyers.

    But, whatever you do - START building the list...


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    Yes you are right, but if you're jsut starting out or don't have a lot of experience, then it's not easy to build a buyer's list. That's why building a subscribers list as you put it is just the best step to take at first.

    Here's a transition plan you could follow if you're just startng out:
    1. Set up your funnel and build your list
    In the beginning it's just a matter of setting things up and get things rolling and get those initial subscribers on your list
    2. Segment buyers from non-buyers.
    If you don't sell your own products you could offer bonuses for instance to get people on your buyer's list. Make sure to test your funnel so you make as much sales as possible.
    3. Create your own products
    If you have a lot of experience in the game, then you can start helping others by creating your own products. This will explode your buyer's list if you offer value.
    4. Build a JV list
    As you get more affiliates, add them to your list so you can make more and more sales with each launch (adding more buyers to your list)
    5. Rinse and repeat
    Keep building your regular list, and keep creating your own products.

    This is just one way to do it ofcourse
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    Having a list full of buyers that take action to
    make their own success, is far more rewarding than people that just click.

    I used to make the mistake of building a list for the sake of building
    a list, nothing more. Now I have a list of buyers that is segmented according to what
    they're exactly interested in. (SEO,list-building,etc.)

    Build and nuture that list of buyers
    and it'll be like having your own cash cow.
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    The idea that 'free' subscribers don't buy is only half true.

    In the case of the cold traffic to squeeze page where people are bribed to opt in with a freebie yes most of those people will never buy anything from you because most of them will never open an email.

    They opted in to get your freebie, didn't want follow up emails, don't know who you are and don't care what you've got to say. Most of them enter fake or secondary emails. Even if your freebie is good most never read it.

    However if you collect subscribers via your blog these people have never bought anything from you at this point either BUT as you've warmed them up before opt in with your content they open your emails, read them, click and take action.

    These people DO go on to buy.
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