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How important email marketing for a service providing company?
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    Email marketing is easy and cost effective way of advertisement your product or services worldwide. Here are few major benefit and impact that boots your online sales.
    Target your audience / customers
    Know more about what your customers wants
    To reach at customers mind
    Drive online sales
    Build online trust / loyalty
    Low cost
    Online Relationship building
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    There's no such thing as "how important"
    The main goal of a service company is to get sales and provide good service in the firstplace right? so will you get sales by using ads? will you get sales by using email marketing? will you get sales by using facebook fanpages?

    If you answer yes to it then do it without any hesitation a sale is a sale even if you exert and send out 100 emails and got 1 client. 1 client is better than 0
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    Very important actually. People are people no matter the business. The whole goal is to stay in front if the eyes. Show them how important you are in their life. Demonstrate the value of your product.

    It's very cost effective also.

    Give them resources like webinar and eBooks!

    Making eBooks is free to make also. I gave a tutorial on this using no software! Read more here.

    Get growth for business by reading my blog:

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      Email marketing benefits are uncountable but the major thing is you will get your targeted customer as like as your product and service. It may sell well.
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        I guess Email marketing benefits are different to everyone, but for me, it's a tool to build relationships with my customer.

        I actually wrote a blog post about it some time ago:
        Email Marketing Benefits

        I hope this helps.


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    thanks for the inputs nice info
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    Originally Posted by suzyspring View Post

    How important email marketing for a service providing company?
    How important is it to have a medium of communication with your target market where you can serve and communicate with them on a regular basis? The question answers itself...
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    Email marketing can really save you a lot of time and money if done correctly. On the other hand, you will only waste time and effort sending dozens of emails to prospective clients and still not get anything out of it if you don't do it right. Make sure that you study what it takes to create a powerful email marketing scheme that would benefit both you and your business.
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    Thanks for all the information. Sure it benefits me.

    Blogger in key difference

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    Email marketing is just an alternative. It is actually a choice for a business to use it because there are many tools now that we can use for free. The perfect example would be the social media. It is one of the best tool for communication, the mass audience use it often and it is the fastest way to communicate too. On the other hand, email marketing is important to in some certain aspect like targeted audience, right? But, like I've said it is just an alternative.

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    its a good way to get people to buy ur product
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    E-mail selling is truly a broad industry to collect, people are earning billions from Email marketing! Email communication with your clients is still one of the most important parts of the business activity and Avoid including the sensitive information in your emails.
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    it's important in building sound relationship between customer and seller, but try to avoid spamming...
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    Email marketing has many benefits
    It has a global research..
    Can be tracked easily..
    Response will be faster..
    Able to get the right people..
    getting feedback from customer is easy..
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    Most types of marketing and advertising are difficult to measure. With email, everything can be tracked, see who clicked on certain links and much more. Get valuable feedback as you strive to grow your business.
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    Email marketing is very effective in comparison to other techniques. I am using them all the time since years together with other techniques, it`s cost effective. This how it works depends on quality of service you offer to your subscribers, this if they can get something valuable from you for free, it`s very important to build a relationship, and the good relationship turns into profits sooner or later.
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    Hey there!

    Email Marketing is a good way to answer your customers' concerns. In fact there are many companies offering services and products that practice this strategy. It will also help you gain more customers and have more audience. The challenge is how to produce a good email subject line that would make people click and open it.

    Not Just “Another” Team

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    For the service related business, an email list lets you turn one time/one off buyers into repeat customers who buy from you time and again, rather than going to your competition.
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