Software Like Popupdomination But Works With Embeddable Forms Not Wordpress Plugin

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There are great options for managing your pop up opt in forms such as pop up domination. There are great options for managing inline forms for wordpress blogs like magic boxes. However, I am looking for software which basically works like Popupdomination but will work not only for pop ups but for inline forms that are NOT wordpress sites.

I have a few sites that are not based on wordpress where I have put my autoresponder sign up forms. However, if you decide to switch autoresponder systems it can be a nightmare finding all the forms on all the sites and switching the code.

I can put pop up domination forms on any site and manage the form code from one location. However, pop up domination does not have the ability to create embeddable forms.

I have found software that does this but they only work on wordpress sites.

Anybody have any ideas?

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