E-mail Tools That Increase Sales?

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Hey Guys,

I was wondering what your favorite e-mail tools were to increase sales, Here are some of mine:

- Streak - I use this to manage all of my contacts. This tool is AWESOME because it allows me to save lists to Microsoft Excel, upload them, and send 500 personalized e-mails at once; and did I mention it was free? (No I'm not a spokesperson for the company, haha, the tool is that awesome)

- Vibe App - This tool helps extract decision maker's e-mails from websites
Rebump.CC - If a person doesn't respond to my e-mail, this will send them a custom reminder message in 7 days (you can adjust it)

- Banana Tag - This helps you know exactly when your e-mails are opened (if they are opened); Now I use Streak CRM so I don't need it anymore, but if you don't use g-mail this will come in handy.

What about you guys?
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