anybody know good WP autoresponder plugins?

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I just bought Rapid mailer wp plugin but that plugins has lot of bug and their customer service is not good. anybody can suggest me a good wp auto responder plugins like rapid mailer.

I don't want to use aweber or any other monthly paid service.

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    I surely hope you know what you're doing.

    If you're starting out building a list to do affiliate marketing to... you almost certainly do not.

    If you're simply emailing out a newsletter to your website members - then this is certainly possible, but a better option would be a lowcost or free autoresponder such as Mailchimp.

    The problem you have, particularly if you're on shared hosting, is that you really have no control over the deliverability of your emails. When you're on shared hosting, the other 50 or 100 websites that share your IP can put your IP in the dungeon... and you won't be able to deliver any emails.

    Just test, test, and test some more... and if you plan on doing affiliate marketing... please reconsider your choice...

    Just my two cents worth... and worth whatever you think it is...
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    You can buy some mailing software and then use an smtp company to do the sending if you're worried about your IP address.

    Mailjet is free up to 6000 mails / month and Amazon ses costs $0,10 for 1000 mails. So if you send 1000 mails / day your bill would be $3.
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    What problems do you experience with Rapid mailer? I use it and its fine. I use hostgator for my hosting. I was using mailpoet before but I saw Rapid Mailer had the social integration etc...

    What hosting do you use?
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    Rapid mailer is good. Hostgator,I have been using for over 7 yrs. best in the business

    Developing software which makes users go WOW
    I love google and yahoo

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    Rapid mailer
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    Originally Posted by symbolngo View Post

    I just bought Rapid mailer wp plugin but that plugins has lot of bug and their customer service is not good. anybody can suggest me a good wp auto responder plugins like rapid mailer.

    I don't want to use aweber or any other monthly paid service.

    I use reachmail. For a free program it's got everything that I needed to create an e-mail series. When my first subscriber signs up, they get an automated message for each day. If my second subscriber signs up the next day, they get the e-mails in the same order.

    Mail chimp is more straightforward, and it offers you design options for your opt-in box. However, if you're willing to google some instructions on using kompozer, it's easy to create custom entry fields using the reachmail base code by applying css style rules.

    I like that I can set up a series for free with reach mail, but it is kind of difficult without instructions

    instructions for setting up a reach mail autoresponder series
    1. create a list
    2. create a website you need an opt-in page and a thank you page.
    3. create a form using the form wizard and link to your thank you page
    4. embed the submit box in your website (with wordpress, you can drag the "embed code module from the content creator" You may also be able to use the wordpress plugin to embed the code, but I find this method easier.
    5. create between 5 and 15 mailings. Save them as HTML for simpler uploads
    6. when all of your e-mails are finished and saved on your desktop as html, upload them to reachmail by going to mailings
    7. in the upper left click create new and select upload from the drop down menu. When you save each of the mailings, reach mail gives you the option of scheduling distribution. Skip this step by clicking on any of the directory tabs up top.
    8. when all your mailings are in reach mail, go to the list tab. When your browser loads the page, click on "List options" from the secondary directory heading, and select, "autoresponder" from the drop down.
    9. select the mailing, the list, the days after their registration, and the time you'd like them to receive your mailing. When it asks a name, put your name or the company name.

    with reachmail, you also have the option to send manual mailings to your list, and you can create suppression lists so that the wrong people don't get your mailing. You can also segment a list so that you can more precisely control who gets what message.

    my only suggestion with reach-mail, is ignore their advice videos, and search the internet for what you're looking to accomplish with reach mail. If you don't understand a term in the intro, then click on one of the videos.

    Hope it helps on your business.

    If you liked my advice there is more of the same through my free internet marketing series on Tips Tricks and Top-Resources at
    -Jo Edwards
    The Investor Club

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