Have you tried different color combination in Email marketing?

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hello every one,

I am curious about color combination in emails . In physology colors have great impact on people so i thought why not in email marketing..

Have you people used them? i am planning to do so on my own list ,

Stay blessed
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    This is actually a pretty good idea and I've never thought of it before
    I will be testing this, thanks for the idea!
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    I have not done it nor read of anyone who has done it.

    Doesn't mean it hasn't/shouldn't be done tho - makes sense to me to test it out - go for it!
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      Here's great resource that is in my own library:

      Color: messages and meanings by Leatrice Eisman

      There's a chapter entitled "Color in the Marketplace" which goes into detail about color in advertising, brand image and identity, packaging, point of purchase and display, and visual presentations.

      Obviously, you should test and track all aspects of your own web site, including color.

      Have you ever noticed what the main color is on the following sites?
      • Google
      • Facebook
      • YouTube
      • Yahoo
      • Wikipedia
      • Twitter
      • Amazon
      • Live
      • eBay
      I'll tell you - it's blue. Here's just a short snippet of what the book above says about the color blue:

      "The human embraces the concept of blue as tranquil and constant and translates it into a symbolic image of dependability and loyalty. Obviously, this works well in a suggestion of 'always being there for you' that inspires a remarkable dedication from the consumer."

      "Blue became the color of the most venerated and respected honors, the blue ribbon of quality and skill."

      I don't know, of course, but I'm guessing there's a reason why all these top Internet sites have chosen to make blue their prominent color.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I do not see the effect the color of an email would have on anyone, the most important thing is the content of the email.
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      Originally Posted by hardworker2013 View Post

      I do not see the effect the color of an email would have on anyone, the most important thing is the content of the email.
      It can make a big difference, in the right markets.

      Google went to great expense testing the color of the Adwords interface.

      Many years ago in the "snail mail" business, Make Money offers always pulled best on Gold paper. The theory was that it looks like ...Gold.
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    Color, that we see definitely have their power to force us to think about what is good and what is bad. Even it has power to push you a button to engage with something.

    So when it is red people can say it says no, but when it used for Automobile or Food niche it just express the appetite. So you have to be very careful about the color and the niches you are working.

    The most powerful color for a buy button is orange. Actually the industry leaders ( paypal, amazon ) thought us that orange is the color for a buy button and believe me it works.

    I did a long research on color for web, but I think it should be same for email marketing as well.

    Hope this helps.
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    thanks all for contribution , The color definitely makes impact on your optins and marketing. I have tried different colors but BLUE is the winner , on my list of 41,388 subscribers i promoted links for others with different color combination and BLUE gets them most conversions and sales.

    You people also try this and see the impact
    Best of luck
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    To find out which color combinations work best, study the emails sent daily by top online retail shopping sites, including Ebay and Amazon. These sites have invested millions of dollars into perfecting their email ad campaigns, for the purpose of getting people back to their sites. Note the placement of graphics within the emails as well as any colors used. In this way, you can learn what really works when it comes to color psychology.
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    I think blue for links would work the best because people are so accustomed to seeing blue links. If you're doing a lot of sending though, you may want to change it up so the html code doesn't become overused in a single style. One too many complaints and your html code can get blocked at isps.

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