Facebook ads or solo ads to build a list?

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Hey warriors '

I just wants to know what my fellow warriors think of building an email list using Facebook ads or Google adwords?

Actually I was building my list from solo ads till now..
And I want to scale my campaigns up..

So I want the recommendations of you guys on which method I should use?

Facebook ads?
Google adwords?
solo ads?

P.S - i'm in MMO niche
Everyone is appreciated to give their opinions

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    I'd avoid Google AdWords, but the other three are excellent for building your list. (I'm assuming you're in the IM market).
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      Originally Posted by Mack View Post

      I'd avoid Google AdWords, but the other three are excellent for building your list. (I'm assuming you're in the IM market).
      Ohh yeah!
      I'm in IM market..

      Though thanks for the answers brother
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    Same here, Google is not IM friendly, and since you already know how solo ads work, get even better, I mean master this traffic method. Next, wso's are great to build a buyers list. As for Facebook, all your potential customer are there, so you need to be there as well.
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    I had better results using solo ads to get instant sales and Fb ads works great for other kind of offers.
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    Three of my friends who are raking up tons of money in the IM niche are not using FB ads or Solo ads. I wonder how do they do that through content marketing alone.
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    I would stay away from solo ads. Most of the traffic is garbage or outright fake.

    Facebook could work but it can get very expensive.

    It all comes down to which niche you are building this list for.
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      Solo ads are great, but just like any other traffic method. You have to do your research so that you are buying from the right sellers and not wasting your money.

      Asking a solo ad seller key questions up front will keep you from advertising to lists that are constantly getting hit over the head with offers.

      A key question would be:

      How often do you send solo ads or offers to your list? 3 times a week or less is ideal.

      Since you already have some experience with solo ads, why not master the skill. Nothings more easier to scale up than solo ads.
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    MMO and Adwords don't really mix.

    Facebook ads all the way. You can't beat the targeting options and volume of traffic they have.
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    We are doing about $10k per month [profit] with bing, facebook, solos.

    They all work, the magic is in the tweaking, and testing, and refining.
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    • Profile picture of the author Hunnyyadav
      Thank you everyone for your views..

      This leads me to have campaigns for both solo ads( respected sellers) and Facebook ads..
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    The advice that I was always told was to just go ahead and test everything you can and then choose how to proceed from there.
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    I've always had great conversions from Facebook.
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    I just don't recommend you use solo ads to build your list. There are so many others who are using the same vendors that you will buy these solos from and you conversions will not be as good as you want it to be.

    I would go with PPC such as BING and YAHOO.
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    Facebook for sure. If you do it right it's an incredible source of traffic and leads.

    But you really need to spend some time researching how it works, what to do and how to do it.

    Don't look to MAKE money - look to HELP people and you will make all the money you can ever want.

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  • Profile picture of the author Steven Miranda
    Solo ads is probably the fastest way to build your list. If you have a good affiliate offer or OTO you can even have some sales pay for your solo ad cost thus almost building your list for free!
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    You may try BING.

    For Facebook Ads, please use Retargeting as that gives some benefits.

    FREE WSO is another method to get a list of buyers or to be buyers.

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    Facebook ads can be a great source of traffic. And, as another warrior mentioned, the retargeting feature will definitely help increase your return. However, it's VERY important to test. IM can be a little tricky to target on Facebook. If you can figure out who your ideal customers is, you should be able to place some pretty effective ads.

    That being said, I like to always have multiple traffic sources going. You just never know if a source is going to dry up or completely change, thus leaving you with nothing.
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    Solos Ads will work alot faster IF you choose the right solo ad provider. If you choose the wrong solo ad provider you will waste your money and have email addresses that never convert. My favorite for a high converting list is using offline techniques to bring people online. Also, if you sell them something up-front for even $1 you know they are real and responsive.

    Facebook Ads are very targeted but in my experience can be tricky. If the picture and headline aren't just right, people fly on by.

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    you could also do media buys on any IM related website or forums...(but FB is also a great place to do media buys) directly contacting the website owner and making a deal with him, better than using self served platform like google display.. no ban risk, no middle man taking margins etc..
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    I've had really good results with Facebook ads - you just need to test out your landing pages and test out multiple ads.
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    If I have to choose between solo ads and facebook ads, I choose solo ads but you should buy ads from good websites with highly targeted traffic which can get very expensive sometimes.

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    • Profile picture of the author Hunnyyadav
      Thank you Everyone !

      I now have a clear plan that i should master one at a time by tweaking , testing and improving the stats..

      Again thanks guys !
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    You do already mention you have started building with solo ads. I would say continue with solo ads for sure as long as they have testimonials the solo ad vendors, at least 75% tier 1 traffic. Never buy big first time up go for 50 to 200 clicks and you must have a tracking device. I am assuming you already have a tracking device but I put this in just in case.
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  • Profile picture of the author skyro
    In the IM niche i prefer solo ads. It's easier to get instant sales.
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