[list building] How Do I Get Traffic To My Offer Fast?

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So, I have this squeeze page set up and my autoresponder emails are all ready and set; how do I now generate traffic to this squeeze page so that I can build a list and make sales?

This is a common question that we all ask. Here is my solution and I hope you will share your ideas too:

Step 1: Forum Posting

My very first step is that I normally take on to the forums and look out for questions that people are asking in relation to my offer. I then start answering these questions to the best of my knowledge. The result of this is that people trust me, with some going through my other posts on that forum, and quite a good number look at my forum signature and follow through on my links.

I therefore end up with very a targeted list of people who actually trust me and know that I will offer them value.

A great forum like the Warrior forum can drive over 50 targeted subscribers to your offer on a good day.

Step 2: Facebook

Facebook has over the past few months changed quite a lot. However, it still remains a fertile ground for very targeted leads. To start with, I search for and join Facebook groups that are related to my offer.

I then consistently offer solutions and tips to questions and comments that other group members make. I then occasionally post links to my squeeze page and this drives some awesome traffic to it.

With Facebook, I also do paid ads. This is because it allows me to test my squeeze page at a very low cost.

Step 3: Solo Ads

Having tested the conversion rate of my page with the above two steps, and optimized it for better conversion, I then search for ezines and individuals who can sell me premium solo ads in my niche. This has, by far, been one of my quickest way of populating my email list with highly targeted prospects.

I hope this helps.
What do you do for traffic? Please share.
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    Marketing is the most important thing for get traffic so that you have publish your add in various position & hope you will get success.
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    What's your niche..??

    Yeah, i do agree Facebook groups can be a good free traffic from Facebook..

    If you're on Make Money Online niche, you can try to do some click banking. Just search on JV section in this forum or in FB groups.. Join some giveaway events also a good traffic sources..
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    You can usually get a good and fast influx of traffic from Reddit as well. To be sure it's targeted however, you just use "sub-reddits" that are focused around your niche. If your offer is right, it can lead to some quality signups in a short amount of time.

    You certainly don't want to be in there just blasting your links all over the place...treat it as a forum, and become a genuine member of the community. This will work in your favor for the long term...

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    If you can write, and are anywhere literate... create a product, and post a WSO. Money AND subscribers - buying subscribers... what's not to love?
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      The fastest way is definitely Solo Ads.

      The most efficient ?

      That is debatable.

      Personally, I have had moreluck with Yahoo/Bing PPC than FB PPC.

      Many have had different results

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Sounds like the most common effective ways I use myself combined with paid and free WSO's.

    You might also want to consider banner advertising here on the warrior forum even though results vary from time to time.
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      If you are in MMO than clickbanking is an awesome way to grow your list. You also will meet people along the way which is really important in the world of internet marketing =]
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    How about click banking along with solo ads and facebook
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    facebook and BING are killing it for us right now. These are seriously hot, as in right now.

    And when things are hot or in seasons, its best to learn them and get your hands dirty before its too late. The internet changes very rapidly.
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    I have had success with Facebook Ads. Easy to set up and it is possible to have the Ad's made up on Fivver.
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    Facebook ads are definitely a great source right now.

    You can get very detailed with demographics when you set up your ad so depending on your niche and target market, you can get very targeted traffic.

    Also a little scary that Facebook has that much detailed information on it's users...
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    Facebook ads are great. Lately I've been testing out some different ads such as mobile ads at buzzcity.com, best converting paid traffic I've ever used.

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