Looking for a way to keep track of contacts easily

by Meloon
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I am looking for a tool where you easily can manage contacts. For example if I meet someone that gives me it's business card, how can I collect the information on it and save it in a database?

The best thing would be for example to use the phone and scan the business card with OCR technology so I don't have to enter the data manually.

All suggestions are appreciated!
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    There must be a software that can do this.

    Maybe having a group on your phone for different people with a note as to where you met them and why etc.

    I am sure I listened to a Podcast recenty that mentioned a product like this. I think it was Pat Flynns SPI podcast. I'll try and find it now.
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    There are a number of apps for your phone that can do what you're looking for.

    Try ABBYY Business Card Reader and Business Card Reader.

    I think both work with Android and IPhones.
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    If you happen to use Evernote, which I highly suggest..you should read this:

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    Hello, I have used an application called Camcards. Works well and is very easy to use.
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