What Do You Think Are The 3 Most Important Daily Tasks?

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What do you think are the 3 most important tasks any person or newbie should implement daily to increase the size of their email list and grow their business?

Mine are:
1. Blogging/seo
2. Emailing list
3. Networking
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    The 3 main most important task to grow their business and for increase the size of email list are:-
    1. Online marketing
    2.Email marketing
    3. Blogging
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    For me:

    1. Valuable Content Creation - Be of value to your audience
    2. Social Media
    3. Email marketing
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      1. Promote your business to a new, but still very targeted, group of people
      2. Nurture your current list, either by contacting them with something of value or spending time creating something of value for them
      3. Work on developing new products to widen your range of offers
      The very best to all of you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    1) Write good contents
    2) Daily marketing activity
    3) Build relationship
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    1) Build new relationships
    2) Renew old relationships
    3) Provide value to your relationships

    It's 80% about who you know and 20% about what you know.
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    Mine would be:
    1) Maintenance
    2) SEO
    3) Email Marketing
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      Mine are:

      *Content creation
      *Business development

      Although looking at the question in a different sense some of my Most Important Tasks involve completely different things that affect my day:

      *Getting a great sleep
      *Morning routine

      Without these the top 3 Most Important Tasks might not be nearly as effective!
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    1) Social Media
    2) SEO
    3) Email Marketing
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    For me it is:
    1. Do something small for my business every day, something that will create some kind of improvement right away
    2. Content
    3. Work on my own product
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    1. Organic traffic.
    2. Relative content.
    3. Media advertising.
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    1. Get organic traffic
    2. Produce quality content.
    3. Buy traffic to your squeeze pages to grow your list.
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    Write good copy when sending emails to your list

    At least 1 hour doing whatever it is you do to get traffic

    Analyzing your results then tweaking to get better results.
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    Creating good content ( be it forum or blog post or writing emails)
    Building list
    Getting traffic
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      1. Work EVERYDAY on Building my List
      2. Work EVERYDAY on Writing new Email Copy and Corresponding to my Subscribers
      3. Research and Educate myself EVERYDAY to better understand my Niche

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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