Which is the best way to have free traffic?

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Hello guys,

Which is the best way to have free traffic on my optin page and how many subs is it possible to do every day with this free way? Any success stories?
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    - Article Marketing
    - Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Twitter...)
    - Tube Sites (Youtube, Dailymotion)
    - Blogging

    I had good results with youtube, but google change the rules a few months ago.. Method still work, but not like before..
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    Forum marketing- There's a guy who makes 300,000 a month as a affiliate only using forums and kindle books as his marketing. He doesn't use paid traffic at all... Amazing lol You can Watch It

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    I have had good success with posting Kindle books and having links within them pointing to your opt in page.
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    The best method, if you have the writing ability for it - is to create your own WSO - whether paid or free... it will drive more traffic in a few days than a dozen Kindle books.

    Of course, Kindle is a longer term solution.

    But creating your own products will drive traffic for free - and there are many different ways to utilize your own products to drive free traffic.

    And it's far easier than most people think...
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      For my first few Years in IM, Blogging and writing articles was a good source of fre traffic.

      As I gained more and more resources ,I have gravitated more towards Paid traffic.

      If I had to choose one that gave me best results it was long term blogging for free traffic.

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Ad swaps are also a good way to get free traffic. However, you need a list first to do this.

    BTW, free traffic will ALWAYS be slower than paid traffic. You need patience for this method.
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    The best FREE traffic is the traffic that is on your list, but you're wondering how to build your list?

    There are various ways to build your list the free way, but remember it's not always free

    The cost it takes to build your list is your TIME. Time is your most valuable asset.

    But if you cannot afford paid advertising for whatever reason here are my recommendations.

    1.) Post on forums in your niche.
    2.) Learn Video Marketing
    3.) Guest Blogging + Blogging
    4.) Create a facebook fan page.

    They key is to get good at one method than produce results than go from there in other streams of traffic.

    If you have an offer set up well in your funnel correctly you can basically get paid to build your list by buying solo ads or facebook PPC and for every dollar you make you make 2 dollars back! That is a sure fire way to get your list built up in the fastest amount of time possible without breaking the bank. Traffic is only one variable for success.
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