Any Free Autoresponders?

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to be able to change the footer of an autoresponder, so that the footer is updated for all subscriber's emails regardless of whether they are on email 1 of the automation or email 100.

For example, imagine there is a new live course starting this week. I'd like to update a footer once and know that it will display on every subscriber's email this week.

I am currently using the following software:

- Mailchimp (free version)
- Digital Access Pass (DAP) - they have an automated drip email system.
- Active Campaign - just started a free account. Has anyone done automated drip email with their free version?

I have also been looking into Sendy with Amazon SES or a while.

What is the best way to do this and do you know if any reliable services you can subscribe for free where you can set up an autoresponder?

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    You get what you pay for when it comes to autoresponders.

    If free worked as good as Aweber & Getresponse - there's a lot of fools out there throwing their money away...
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    Just create a shortcode in the email footer section and then edit the shortcode or alternatively most services do have footers too that you can just edit which will change on all of the emails sent to that specific list.

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    Honestly, out of all the things you need for getting an online business really moving, an autoresponder is one of the least expensive. I'd say just fork over the $15 a month or whatever the lowest package is and cut corners elsewhere.
    Internet Marketing Professional because I just want to SURF.
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    GetResponse has a free 30 day trial and you don't have to give your credit card info for it. It's pretty good. After the 30 days, plans start at $15/month.
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    * Set Up Squeeze Page (done) * Link Report to Email List (done) * Set Up Autoresponder Series (done) * 100 Subscribers * First Affiliate Check * 5000 subscribers * $1,000 Check*
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    Yeah, I use getreponse. One of the best on the market. Free 30 days full trail, no credit card required.
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      I know this is repetitive but sometimes repetition is needed to really drive home a point.

      Make a sacrifice and go with a Service like Get Response or Aweber.

      Don't do the FREE route.

      In the long run you will be so much better off

      -Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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        I totally agree with what the others have mentioned.
        Free services is not going to provide you with the strong business base Auto Responders.
        This is also based on my personal experience.

        Besides, you could try Aweber for $1, or GetResponse for Free for a month.
        I am sure you would see the major benefits of using the paid services once you give it a try.

        Good luck
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    Only free autoresponder I know that is worth mentioning is listwire. But be advised you won't have the type of control you may have with paid autoresponders.
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