Where to start with email marketing?

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Hey everyone!
A good friend of mine is very successful in email marketing. I am very ambitious and don't close my mind on ways I can turn a profit. He is telling me to look into this and affiliate marketing. I'm not rich so whatever can generate extra income I want to take advantage of. So here are my questions.

Where do I start?
What materials should I read up on?
What suggestions do you have for someone new in the field?

I can't afford coaching right now but I do have free time and the drive to succeed. Feel free to ask me any questions as well!
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    Originally Posted by miller263 View Post

    A good friend of mine is very successful in email marketing.
    He'd be the person to ask for help, then, perhaps?

    Originally Posted by miller263 View Post

    Where do I start?
    What materials should I read up on?
    What suggestions do you have for someone new in the field?
    I can try to offer an answer to these three questions all in one go: here's a carefully selected list of six Warrior Forum threads on the subject of "email marketing" which, between them, contain enough "basic concept information" to help anyone get oriented and understand the important underlying principles, I think ...

    What are the essential things to know about list building?

    Lists: How Long to Presell - Averages

    Website or squeeze page

    Where to get reports to give away on opt in page?

    Autoresponders vs. Broadcasts

    Sick of Emails Not Being Opened?

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      Thanks for the resources! I am consulting with my friend as well but reaching out to more people helps a lot more than just him alone!
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    Great list from Alexa Smith. Biggest thing is after you read through those is to take action. There will always be something else to learn but after the basics you can learn as you go.
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    Check out the List Building video tutorial from my signature, it`s of course something you should begin with but then reading and reading everything list building related on this forum.
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    get a landing page, with an offer on the backend , test small and split test then scale
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    Where to start?

    Start with a superior knowledge of your end user demographic.

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    When first starting out it is very easy to get excited and here about all the money you make. But my biggest piece of advice to you is don't get stuck in analysis paralysis where you never take action. Also don't get caught in shiny object syndrome, where you go on a spree buying product after product after product and you are left with no money. The key to building an online business is find a niche that you enjoy or have a passion for, also make sure it is an evergreen niche, something that demands answers. You can be the solution. One of the fastest ways to make money online is to have your own product or something of value, if you plan on being an affiliate only it's still the same deal, you must position yourself as an expert and collect emails and monetize those subscribers by helping them and recommending useful products relevant to your niche. It's best to understand your niche inside and out that way you can know how to help them and what type of offers to deliver. There is no over night riches, so don't get stuck thinking you will be a millionaire overnight, but with the right mindset, and determination you can create a long term business for years and years to come.
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    Thank you so much for an idea "schroederman" and Matthew J Trujillo. Very helpful forum. I need to learn more on email marketing. Hope above folks links and advise gain me lot.
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      In addition to the lists and tools which many fellows have shared, the simple yet crucial to your success is your customer. We name it as the 'niche'. Niche is the specific market segment that you want to serve. You see some market potential as there is a need. To help solve their problem, you are offering the solution which is your product to them.

      Most importantly; however, start with having your niche market identified. Google is the great source of data for you. Once it is clear of whom you will be serving, other technical tools would be on their way naturally.

      But first, list out your 'niche' market first. For the better idea, you can visit clickbank.com and look for marketplace. There are plenty of products you can select for the start.

      Enjoy surfing!
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    First thing to do is select a good email marketing provider, with prover delivery rates and white list clients. I would suggest the ones that offer free accounts, because a lot spammers end up there and the ISPs block the IP/domains of the email marketing providers.

    Better spend some small $, but quality email marketing provider.

    First thing to do, is put a sign up email box on your blog/site, this is the best value to have - email leads.
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    Great list given by Alexa Smith.Thanks Alexa its helps me lot.
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    Great list of resource from alexa smith. You should think about what first what niche would you like to be in.
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    See some webinars, Listen to Experts on youtube, and then start practicing. Experience is the best teacher afterall. The important thing is to be persistent. Intially, you'll have to work hard, but once things get settled down, you'll be reaping the rewards for a long time!

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