Complete case study of buying a site from Flippa to flipping it for $3k profit - with pictures!

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Great story on the steps a guy took in flipping a website bought for $1,250 for $3k profit over a period of months. Complete with screenshots and links of his progress over eight months of appraising the site, figuring how to improve the site, exploiting the site's potential and ultimately selling it for $3000 dollars profit.

In the 9 months from the point of purchase up to the point of selling half ownership, the site earned me a total of $1,830 in profit ONLY from the monthly earnings. Considering I bought the site for $1,250 this isn't bad! I was able to earn my entire investment back plus an extra $500+ during the first 9 months of owning the site. This is a great return, however, let's now factor in the sale price of selling 50% ownership.

Sale Price (for 50%): $1,225

Profit Generated: $1,830.14

TOTAL Profit Made: $3,055.14

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