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    Big List Of CPA Networks STICKY

    admin in Ad Networks

    If you have more add them to this thread.. RocketProfit Maxbounty Hydra Azoogle Linkshare InstantDollarz Clickbooth CPA Empire ClickXchange Revenue Gateway Revenue Allies ShareaSale LinkMo SearchCactus Market Leverage AdFish ... [read more]

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    Looking for Pay Per Install affiliate programs !!

    Andionex in Ad Networks

    Hi guys, please i'm looking for Pay Per Install affiliate programs to monetize my French or europe traffic , please any suggestions ???

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    Best way to get started promoting CPA offers through PPC in 2017?

    Adalamba in Ad Networks

    Hey guys, Title says it all, I'm just wondering what's the best place for a beginner to get started when it comes to learning how to promote CPA offers through ... [read more]

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    Which converts better - a book or a report?

    ncloud in Ad Networks

    I'm giving away a free ebook to get people to sign up to my list. It is a mini ebook - about 30 pages. I'm not sure whether to call ... [read more]

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    Legit CPA network

    kio618 in Ad Networks

    Hi guys , I'm new to cpa and have couple questions for more experienced folks , hope that someone will help me: 1. Is there Someone who knows legit cpa ... [read more]

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    popup/popunder fake leads

    Yosif Angelov in Ad Networks

    Hi, I have the following problem. I started to advertise with popup networks a few months ago and it was quite profitable. But last month we started to receive a ... [read more]

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    Pop Under Ads

    Pop-unders are another form of online advertising on the Internet which emerged from the concept of pop-ups. This form of advertising is mostly acceptable by all advertisers, publishers and users ... [read more]

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    trixer22 in Ad Networks

    Hello guys. I will be honest, I'm a complete rookie but i have theoretical knowledge I highly desire to get into cpa, but I'm scared of being rejected due to ... [read more]

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    Where to get content locking traffic?

    SeekSeven in Ad Networks

    Hey Colleagues, Please advise - where can I get subj in significant amounts? Are there any networks or big sites selling content lock traffic? Thanks

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    Best course for a newbie Facebook advertiser?

    kevindawson in Ad Networks

    Hey Warriors, I consider myself a complete newb when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Can someone point me to the best course? Thanks so much! Kevin Dawson

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    Ad Networks Have Malware

    Dropppp in Ad Networks

    I have a new blog that I tried to place Ad networks on it to generate additional revenue. I was shocked to learn that these two Ad Networks contain malware. ... [read more]

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    FB Video Ads 20% Text Rule

    Elena Base in Ad Networks

    Hi all, Trying to wrap my head around how Facebook's 20% text policy applies to videos. How it's been explained to me is: With the 20% text policies for video ... [read more]

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    Do CPAlead really pay more then $5 cpm for US traffic?

    millionaireG3 in Ad Networks

    Hi Guys, Is there anyone who have used CPALead ads (pop up, banner and pop under) on his site? How is your experience with cpalead ads? I'm thinking of putting ... [read more]

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    Specific questions about CPA offers on Facebook & YouTube

    TsuDoNimh in Ad Networks

    I'm trying to get my head wrapped around buying traffic for CPA offers and I can't seem to find a definitive answer to these specific questions (maybe there are no ... [read more]

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    Suggest Some Network For Web Design based Audience

    Awais_Afzal1 in Ad Networks

    I am running an IT agency. I owned a website. Where I am running huge amount of traffic. Therefore, I am looking for some ad network that most specifically provide ... [read more]

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    Is facebook ads still effective in 2017?

    doorji in Ad Networks

    I have actually seen a few video clips regarding affiliate advertising and marketing using Facebook, it appears a lot easier than building your personal web site and the speakers who ... [read more]

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    The best and cheap PPV Network to start with

    aer17013 in Ad Networks

    Hi ... I want to start investing some money on CPA, and I am following a guy on a course who said that using PPV to get traffic, is the ... [read more]

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    Track google adsense campaign in google analytics

    Voora in Ad Networks

    Can I track my Google Adsense campaigns with Google Analytics? If yes..How to track?

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    Best Native Ad Networks

    Info-seeker in Ad Networks

    Can you recommend me the best Native Ad Networks that deals with adult content? I'm not talking porn - just dating/sex advice Thanks

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    Google AdSense is not approving. 3rd Time it is. Somebody please help.

    Sml Codes in Ad Networks

    My website contains technical articles & Tutorials. No Copy content , No Copyrighted images , 200+ articles, Good Alexa rank. Eventhough my application is rejected. Im loosing my self. ... [read more]

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    Is direct linking of offers wrong? What is the best Method of promoting offers?

    raybiztutor in Ad Networks

    Hello guys, I have been an affiliate marketer with Maxbounty for up to a year, but have barely generated a single lead. I have tried promoting many offers ranging from ... [read more]

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    Popup/Popunder networks recommendations?

    karmadog in Ad Networks

    I'm looking for a popup or popunder ad network that is similar to, preferably one that cost 0.0006 or below per pop. Any recommendations?

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    Reasons of less impressions for Interstitial Ads serving in India

    Poonam Sharma in Ad Networks

    Though we are getting good number of ads request still match rate and impressions are not good enough which is leading to very less earning. Which ad network is best ... [read more]

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    i need your helps please !!!!

    reda101 in Ad Networks

    I am a beginner and I want to register on CPA companies but most ask for a website but unfortunately I don't have a website!!!????

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    Does anyone know any PPC network with that kind of offers????

    nadgob in Ad Networks

    Hello. I've seen on instagram multiple links like 'bitly.blabla' that were linking to some amateur blogs or a news sites or watever normal website I supose that the affiliate is ... [read more]