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    Great Reading for Copywriting STICKY

    Isabella in Copy Writing

    If you ever need more tips and tricks for Copywriting, Warrior Learn has great ones! What Are Some Great Copywriting Hacks? How Can I Improve My Copywriting?

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    Highlights of the Copywriting Section for Warrior members STICKY

    Resources for new Copywriters Top Copywriting Books Ever Storytelling Resources for Copywriters and Marketers The Biggest, Most Bad-Ass List of Awesome Marketing Lists If you want to hire copywriters... Directory ... [read more]

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    Centering Sentences

    ep2002 in Copy Writing

    Just to be clear, I'm not a copywriter. Hi, So last week I read that centering an important sentence (not a whole parag.) on a sales page or even just ... [read more]

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    Roast my About page

    xxxcccrrr in Copy Writing

    It is the main section of my About page for a fraud prevention consultancy website..... xxxcccrrr, Principal Consultant For businesses selling online, the best defense against fraud is a robust ... [read more]

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    Read This...Make Money

    max5ty in Copy Writing

    Ever wonder why one copywriter drives a Bentley and another barely squeaks by? One is in demand and the other is begging for work? Sorry, I couldn't hear you - ... [read more]

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    Does anyone Have the "One Legged Golfer" Ad by John Carlton ??

    alexsue2018 in Copy Writing

    HI Warriors Does anyone Have the "One Legged Golfer" Ad by John Carlton ?? I have been hunting all over the internet with no luck I am currently doing a ... [read more]

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    How do you come up with great headlines from landing pages?

    Arnold15 in Copy Writing

    Hi there guys! I'm kind of new to copywriting in general. I'm trying to create a landing page for a book. However, I'm not too sure on how to go ... [read more]

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    I am not sure if I'm advertising myself right as a copywriter.

    Nicholas Vetri in Copy Writing

    I use the slogan "The educated copywriter that gets your company's voice," for my one sentence elevator pitch for cold calling, and as the slogan of my website. I feel ... [read more]

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    Please Review My LINKEDIN DIRECT MESSAGE Copywriting

    GS12 in Copy Writing

    Hi, I am Affiliate Marketing for a Crypto Trading Bot to investors in my niche on LinkedIn by first sending a Connection Request (with Personal Note Attached) AND a Follow ... [read more]

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    A Note To Copywriters And Those Who Want To Be

    ewenmack in Copy Writing

    This comes from Brian Kurtz who hired the legends we know of today... like Eugene M. Schwartz and Gary Bencivenga. He studied the personal traits that set them apart. Any ... [read more]

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    Does copywriting require research or expertise for the products you are going to promote?

    Shanks88 in Copy Writing

    Do you have to be an expert on the niche you will work or the clients provide all the info you need for the product you will write for?

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    Yes it looks offensive but think twice okay...

    Russs in Copy Writing

    I'm curious to see if I can trick you. I'm new to online marketing, but I've come a long way with copy-writing. The two go hand in hand. They are ... [read more]

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    Confusing, syntax-abusing text lost in poor layout seeks help

    Bjarne Eldhuset in Copy Writing

    Hi! I've created a website called I would like some feedback on the copy. Is it clear enough what the site is about? I do not want to make ... [read more]

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    Recommended copywriting courses?

    Socialblastr in Copy Writing

    I was been bitten by the copy bug a few weeks ago and have been churning through as much reading as I can to learn more about how to develop ... [read more]

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    Anyone using Copy Chief Member-Ship Site? Thoughts?

    evanboomer in Copy Writing

    Are any Warriors using Copy Chief with Kevin Rogers? If so, what are your thoughts? Worth the investment, or are there better options for rock-solid training? Thanks in advance for ... [read more]

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    Do people read at all nowodays?

    joeyyyy in Copy Writing

    Of course they do, why would everyone here talk about copywriting or reviews. What kind of bothers me they don´t read word-by-word, but just "fixing" or looking for something. To ... [read more]

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    Which tool is best for Content writing ?

    avemfly619619 in Copy Writing

    Hi friends, If you have any experience related to content writing then please share some knowledge related to content writing. According to you, Which tool is best for readability score, ... [read more]

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    Idea for my Piercing shop

    Omer Hay in Copy Writing

    Hey all, I'm looking for a nice sentence to print on my piercings shop package. I have few ideas but not sure about it - 1. What your mind wants ... [read more]

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    If your copy lacks this there will be no sale

    Braeblayde in Copy Writing

    If you study direct-response copywriting, then eventually you piece together the basic structure of a piece of sales copy. It is basically headline, lead, story, and close. That's where a ... [read more]

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    [Analyzing Great Adverts] - What Was Your Methods

    john 79 in Copy Writing

    Hey, guys got a question I hope can get answered. I've been analyzing some ads on but not quite sure if I am doing it correctly or maybe even ... [read more]

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    As a Writer, Where Do You Sell Your Copy?

    tritrain in Copy Writing

    Of course WF is at the top. Fiverr might be toward the bottom somewhere. Where do you tend to sell your copy? Not spun articles, but human-written ones.

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    What's your thoughts on this sentence...

    imiconcepts in Copy Writing

    Hi Guys, I'm writing a weight loss report and the theme is a woman scared she's going to lose her husband because she put on weight over the years. How ... [read more]

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    If You Weren't So Ugly I'd Ask You Out...

    max5ty in Copy Writing

    Ever say that to someone? Probably thought it though right? Be honest now. Yeah, I thought so. So why do we offer our customers ugly worthless crap that doesn't work ... [read more]

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    How to Sell Online Without Needing a Long Sales Letter

    shawnlebrun in Copy Writing

    Let me just say, that there is NEVER going to be "one size fits all" rule when it comes to marketing and selling online. Everyone has thoughts and opinions about ... [read more]

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    GOT STUCK! Can you give me an opinion on such a tagline for a vocabulary building app?

    HI there. Got totally stuck. Unable to see my work objectively after the long hours, so I would like to ask do you feel about such a tagline for ... [read more]

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    Need Your Opinion

    Jango in Copy Writing

    Just wrote this salesletter for my client and I'd love to hear your opinion. Do you think it will get the job done? Get leads for my client. Here is ... [read more]

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    Copy Critique

    GlenH in Copy Writing

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if this is the sub forum where I might post a headline for critique /feedback, or is there another section with the WF that I should ... [read more]