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    Cold Walking, or Cold Calling Selling Copiers

    Currently working for an established company that has been in business for 70 years selling commercial copiers B2B. The majority of the company's customers are in the city in which ... [read more]

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    The Sales Funnel Bandwagon, should you jump on? - Clickfunnels, Leadpages ThriveThemes...

    More popular than the Fidget Spinner, Gangnam Style or the Rubik's Cube - the almighty sales funnel! Business owners are being pitched funnels every day! Should you use them, should ... [read more]

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    Low Cost Offline Marketing

    What are the best low cost offline marketing you can do that provides great return on investment?

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    Who has ever pitched a per-inquiry media deal?

    ceeczar in Offline Marketing

    Hello Who has ever pitched a per-inquiry deal to an offline media provider (TV/radio)? Any tips/scripts on how to get a mutually beneficial arrangement? Thank you

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    How do you sell leads?

    Michael9 in Offline Marketing

    Hi, I like to generate B2B leads with Adwords, its fun for me. But I dont like to sell to them, its dirty work. I have done both and now ... [read more]

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    Started My Own Agency and Loving it.

    I was lucky enough to start my own agency and love to help others get started as well. I am not about getting one on the big guy but this ... [read more]

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    When life gives you Lemons...make lemonade.....When The Customer Gives You Apples??

    helisell in Offline Marketing

    So you're getting near the end of the sale.....and you assume or actually say some words like.... 'Based on what we've discussed here Mr Customer can I assume that you'd ... [read more]