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    Why are my threads not showing? STICKY

    Gabriel in Support

    All threads submitted are now subject to approval, and will be reviewed by the moderators before it gets posted. This is one of our major steps to eliminate the blatant ... [read more]

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    How long to get my WSO Approved STICKY

    Gabriel in Support

    Please watch this if you wonder how long will it take to get my WSO Approved. Warrior Forum Question : How long will it take my... If you still need ... [read more]

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    Signature Problems! STICKY

    Gabriel in Support

    Why is my signature now showing? Signatures are disabled in the WSO section. It is the reason why you may not see your signature file on paid sections, like the ... [read more]

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    Warrior Forum FAQ STICKY

    Isabella in Support

    Here's the entire FAQ in one thread. If you're having issues or if you have any questions regarding things like signatures, your threads and all that, you should find the ... [read more]

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    How do I change my password???? STICKY

    Gabriel in Support

    Easy! to change your password ==> click here. <== It should direct you to this window Just fill in the fields and click save changes and it should be good ... [read more]

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    My Old WSO is Stuck in Review

    DavidAllenNeron in Support

    I switched my old wso to the new format and it's stuck in review status. how long does that process take?

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    New to WSO and a bit confused

    jackmarison93 in Support

    Hello guys, since support does not respond to my questions, I've decided to post it here. If this is a wrong place for such questions, please move my topic. I'm ... [read more]

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    WarriorForum.. Thank you for a great 2008-2018

    yousefgreat in Support

    This could be the last thread I open regarding the issues I am facing at the moment with WF. But first of all, I wanted to express my gratitude and ... [read more]

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    help Please

    hayfj2 in Support

    Attention Mods, Can someone point me to the correct page/resource/sections on here for a) Doing a WSO b) Getting Reviews for a product launch c) Finding JV partners Many thanks ... [read more]

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    Where's the button to bump my thread disappeared to?

    cjayrc in Support

    Last bumbed my thread about 4 weeks ago. Now I see it's in the legacy wso section, whatever that is. And the yellow buttons to bump are no longer there. ... [read more]

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    i wso banned for smm panels?

    smm fansfaster in Support

    i see many panels made wso but when i try it keeps rejectine me? is there anysolution for that?

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    Problem With Recent Purchase

    metafever in Support

    Here is the product I tried to purchase from list of products for sale through Warrior Payments:: ------------------------------------------- The ULTIMATE Email Swipe Library - The Perfect Tool for Email Marketers ... [read more]

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    Dear Gabriel... My 10 Year old WSO has been moved from "Warrior For Hire"

    yousefgreat in Support

    Dear Gabriel, I hope you get to see this message and hopefully this is a good way to reach you. Due to the recent changes in WSO listings (Affecting listings ... [read more]

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    Current Service Listing Requirement

    GyuMan82 in Support

    Hello I was wondering what the current requirements are for new members to list a service they would like to provide? Is there a waiting period for new members? Do ... [read more]

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    paulprice in Support

    So can anybody post a WSO or do you have to be a War Room Member to do so? I have read several posts about community members not being able ... [read more]

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    No War Room Access

    InnoSoft in Support

    Hi. I am a warrior forum, war room member but not able to view any threads. I have logged in after a long time. This is thread i want to ... [read more]

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    RSS Feed for the Warrior Forum?

    webmarke in Support

    Hi. Does anyone know if the Warrior Forum has an rss feed that I can subscribe to to know when there is a new thread created? Or...Even better...Do they have ... [read more]

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    My Warrior for Hire ad has gone missing...

    Johnny12345 in Support

    When I try to go to my Warrior for Hire post -- which has around 45,000 views and has been running since 2009 -- I get a 403 ERROR. What ... [read more]

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    My service thread has vanished

    pheonix44 in Support

    I had a service thread in the WFH section and when I try to find it it's gone. I keep getting this weird 403 message. https://www.warriorforum.com/warrior...rt-inside.html I'm wondering did I ... [read more]

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    WSO Threads got vanished

    faisalmaximus in Support

    I have a lot of WSO threads. But yesterday I noticed only 6 is available, all other offers are disappeared and they are nowhere. Is there anyway to get them ... [read more]

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    Charges on my credit card

    ddomingu in Support

    I keep getting charges on my credit card for $19.95. I have not ordered or authorized any charges. I have charges on 09/17/2018, 06/18/2018, 04/23/2018 Can you look into these. ... [read more]

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    Bug with changing email address on Warrior Forum

    zannix in Support

    Upon clicking verification link in email to confirm email address changed for a profile, you get a success message but on a 400 (error) page.

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    opening a closed thread

    creditbuilder in Support

    Hello, I am about to do a relaunch of my original offer https://www.warriorforum.com/warrior...g-already.html and I am wanting to update it but the thread is closed... 1. is there a way ... [read more]

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    WSO with 3 bumps

    Jason Dolman in Support

    Hello, I purchased the WSO with 3 bumps and wanted to bump the WSO. Is there a coupon code I need to enter when choosing to bump it? Thanks, Jason

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    Re: New members be patient with approval of posting time and apology

    Alice SEO in Support

    Hi, please review my Warrior Special Offer thread, it is still pending moderation. I have paid for it a week ago and it is still not approved! How long do ... [read more]

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    Whos in charge here? Erroneous charges on my checking account from "WarriorForum"

    Haley Taylor in Support

    Hello All Wondering if anyone else has had suspicious activity on their bank accounts from this forum? A charge of 19.95 was debited from my account from The Warrior Forum. ... [read more]

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    My signature image file did not appear

    drquek2 in Support

    Hello, My account username is: drquek2. I paid for $60 to include image file in my warrior forum signature file. I uploaded a jpg image file of 500 x 124 ... [read more]

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    List of purchases

    Tralalan in Support

    Where can I find a list of my purchases via Warrior Forum? Regards John Sands sandsjoh@gmail.com

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    Rather Large Visual Bug on the Warrior Forum

    skydivedad in Support

    I've attempted to notify the Admin about this rather strange Visual Bug that shows up on the Warrior Forum in the Chrome Browser current update as of 09/30/2018 - (Version ... [read more]