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    Google de-indexed my URL

    Ethan Smith in SEO

    When I do URL inspection for my homepage it shows the error "URL is not on Google" and shows "Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical" in coverage issue and ... [read more]

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    Should I Ping a URL Link

    aminsaleh in Internet Marketing

    Hello, is it important and mandatory to PING a url link so that google and search engine can find it. Consider the following cases: 1- If I have a new ... [read more]

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    Yoast SEO Plugin not allowing my blog to be reachable / indexable? Media attachment url did not fix

    David C. in SEO

    I've used Yoast to do my blog's meta titles and descriptions for years now. Out of nowhere, traffic dropped. Followed advice as to changing setting in media attachment urls, and ... [read more]

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    Does Adsense distinguish www URL and non-WWW?

    d4n183 in Ad Networks

    Hello, I recently changed my provider and my site was submitted to Adsense with non-WWW URL. Now, the new provider redirected my site to a WWW URL. Is this a ... [read more]

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    Which is better? dedicated URL or multi landing pages within same URL

    Hoping for some feedback on your experience on which is better. For lead generation purposes. I'm contemplating saving money by setting up multiple landing pages all within the same URL. ... [read more]

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    Product URL

    Hi there I wanted to ask if anyone can help me with how to customize the URL of my product. As i can see that my competitors product URL have ... [read more]

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    How to stop Spam URL redirection on website

    micjustin33 in SEO

    In my webmaster I found 100+ url that showing 404 not found error and its increasing gradually. When I click on that I found a spam website that redirecting their ... [read more]

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    For social media posts, is it better to post the Constant Contact generated URL or your website URL?

    lindsay124 in Beginners Area

    In social media posts, is it better to post the link to your website that advertises a specific event, or the URL to your Constant Contact (or other mass mail ... [read more]

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    What is Canonical URL?

    franklinbenja in SEO

    What is canonical URL in SEO?

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    Submitted URL has crawl issue

    Ahsan21 in SEO

    Hello friends Today i have a question for you is that I have a site and each and every pages i applied / , but google search console give me ... [read more]

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    PIPS Members: EXCHANGE Blog Comments

    Patrician in

    History Prior to August 6, 2008 The Warrior Forum Please continue from here:

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    Anybody use Namecheap URL forwarding?

    For a while now, I've noticed that my Namecheap domains take too long to load when redirecting to another website. (Usually between 5-8 seconds) - I know that's not AGES ... [read more]

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    How Correct 404 Errors Due to Temporary URL Change?

    Gabriel Sutton in SEO

    I hired an amateur website designer who ended up changing every URL on my site and then didn't correct it for two weeks. Over that time, our site was indexed ... [read more]

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    Change Domain/Website URL

    calvynlee in SEO

    Dear, Need some optinion. I own a domain iCalvyn.com since 2007, build my content, backlinks, and traffic on 2014, i manage to register a new domain Calvyn.com Hence, I migrate ... [read more]

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    Why are my AdWords ads returning 404's with [*Campaign*] in the url?

    DomFinch in Ad Networks

    When you search for our brand name on Google on mobile you get an AdWords ad - when you click through it you get a 404 page and this url ... [read more]

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    [WSO of the Day, 1000+ sold!] Your own short URL directory - unique link cloaker with popover!

    icun in

    THIS WSO IS CLOSED You can buy Go-short.me here: go-SHORT.me - The Ultimate Link Shortner Script WSO of the Day, 28th of October. 1000 sold in 12 hours! "The ... [read more]

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    How Can I get URL Parameter to html Autoresponder form?

    Christopher K in Web Design

    Hello, I am setting up a site that I would like to allow others to use my site and follow-up emails to promote a multiple-level affiliate program. What I need ... [read more]

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    Invalid URL or block URL

    Davu Siva in SEO

    Hi Warriors While submitting my website to the social bookmarking sites error showing " Invalid URL or block URL show in social bookmarking " My domain extension is .com . ... [read more]

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    Mail Chimp: Pasting video URL into the video block freezes my page

    Hello! Basically I have a video uploaded onto a website, and when I go to paste the URL into "video URL", it freezes my page and I have to refresh. ... [read more]

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    Choice of URL for SEO

    otonolujan in SEO

    For SEO rankings, all else equal, which of the following would you choose? Domain A Attributes: - Shorter Domain Name (7 characters, contains first two words of the company name ... [read more]

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    need an instagram post url scraper by username

    javadth in Social Networks

    need an Instagram post url scraper by username i give bulk usernames to this app and it give me the last posts url

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    URL Structure of website is messed from SEO results. Please Help.

    nashamarsh in SEO

    Hi, My website is getting cached by google but when someone clicking on the pages that are coming in google search results it is showing a big url. and when ... [read more]

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    Google Adwords - Help Needed with tracking template, final url suffix and custom parameter

    nidhi sood in PPC/SEM

    Hello All, I have set up the following tracking template for my adwords campaign but not sure if this is correct or not. Please let me know if this is ... [read more]

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    Shopify Serve resources from constant URL

    Nazrin Noorzan in eCommerce

    Hello, I'm new to this shopify platform. I run one of my site through GTMetrix, and got this "Serve resources from a constant URL". These are the details :- The ... [read more]

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    YouTube URL Scraper - Suggestions?

    shockwave in SEO

    Hello All, I know there are scrapers that allow you to download videos/mp3s based off a keyword, but I'm looking for something that will allow me to download all the ... [read more]