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    quickest way to make $100k in a short time

    jerrymono in Off Topic

    i need help. i dont go public about my issues ever but i have a personal crisis and i am looking for advice or help from the community to help ... [read more]

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    Some Business Models Are No Longer Viable

    Steve B in Internet Marketing

    No one likes to be the bearer of bad news. But this advice, which comes from the extensive experience of a true legendary marketer, Gary Halbert, could save you untold ... [read more]

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    2018-Big challenges

    Ahsan21 in SEO

    Hi.. What going On friends... Does any body now how where the SEO are going in 2018???? IF some one know the best, So kindly give some answers of my ... [read more]

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    What is the best niche for 2018 ?

    Hello, I would love to know from you guys what is the best niche in 2018? And would love t know if I would get good money from viral by ... [read more]

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    Claude is so old....

    Kurt in Off Topic

    Claude is so old....after watching Jurassic Park he said "That was nostalgic!". Here's your birthday cake: Three Stooges sing Happy Birthday - YouTube

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    How to Make Lots Of Money Forever

    Judey in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, you're about about to discover a secret Formula on how to make lots of money forever, I actually learn this system from an Internet Marketing Expert and you ... [read more]

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    Should I Prospect Myself Or Hire Someone To Prospect For Me? Referrals Or Cold Calls

    If you have been in sales more than a week, the idea has popped into your brain that you could hire someone to make prospecting calls for you...while you simply ... [read more]

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    Would You Work For This Remuneration

    OptedIn in Off Topic

    OK. So I am going to offer you a job. You are in your 20's and you are going to work for me for the rest of your life, figuring ... [read more]

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    Is it still possible to start online marketing in 2018 and be successful?

    Isn't it becoming more and more difficult to make money online as the years go on? Do new people that come in with zero experience have a chance to succeed ... [read more]

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    I Need A Consistently Reliable IM & FB Mentor/Coach

    Wadjet in Internet Marketing

    I have a little money to spend on my development. Let me give you a little background about myself. I'm 58 years old, have survived a major health episode in ... [read more]

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    If you were to sell a niche digital product online for over 1000 per sale, what would it be?

    If you were to sell a niche digital product online for over 1000 per sale, what would it be? And why would you go with that niche or product?

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    My Niece Ask Me How To Profit With Her Smartphone - Here's My Answer!

    superowid in Mobile Marketing

    Hi warriors! Especially newbies! So sometime ago my niece (16 years old) came to me asking on how I made money online. After couple talks I forwarded her to use ... [read more]

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    Had my first $500 looking to scale up...looking for some advice

    Bkelly301 in Internet Marketing

    Hey, so I just wanted to say that I had my first $500/month during this current month. It's only 12/18 today, so I still have 13 more days to go ... [read more]

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    Need help with a website (feedback)

    Nova JLE in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone, I create affiliate website in health niche and i don't know how to promote it. I tried BingAds, FB ads but I don't get any sale. Right now ... [read more]

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    Cold Knocking Strategy That Get You Into A Sales Presentation Right Now. "I'm Taking A Survey"

    This isn't in any of my books. I decided to share these methods because I spent the first 20 years of my sales career selling life insurance and then vacuum ... [read more]

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    Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

    Kurt in Off Topic

    Once and for Die Hard a Christmas movie or not?

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    Is there a way to back up my wordpress site for free?

    I got some plugin but either it doesn't do anything or it's way too advanced for me, I'm guessing it's way too advanced for me, so is there any newbie ... [read more]

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    Including products or services you don't actually offer...

    Let's say you run a hardware store selling wheelbarrows hammers screwdrivers adhesives drills But then you do you research and you discover, that lawnmowers garden lighting saws are coming up ... [read more]

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    Are there any ways I can make a quick $4 to my paypal?

    karmadog in Internet Marketing

    I'm trying to purchase something online which can only be paid for with my paypal, but the problem is I'm short only $4. Does anyone know of any site which ... [read more]

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    Someone has plagiarized my site's content

    Bruch in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, Someone has plagiarized my site's content, many articles. What should I do? Please give me some good suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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    Mentor Wanted

    Hi, I've been trying to figure out how to do online marketing for about a year now, and don't really plan on giving up anytime soon. I spent way to ... [read more]

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    Do copywriters attempt to manipulate their readers?

    Alex Cohen in Copy Writing

    Do copywriters attempt to manipulate their readers? Yes, just about always. And if you're a copywriter who thinks you don't... you're in denial. Let's define the term: Manipulate: Control or ... [read more]

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    Planning for a multi-niche blog focusing on Adsense. Any advise please?

    belayet in Internet Marketing

    Dear All, I am planning to build a brand new Multi-niche Blog site. I am intended to monetize the blog with AdSense basically. Domain name is defined already. The domain ... [read more]

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    SEO strategy for 2018

    kmarnob in SEO

    What could be the SEO strategy of the 2018 since google changed the algorithm.

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    How Did Frank Kern Do That?!

    So I visited Frank Kern's sales page yesterday and about a minute after I closed the page, I get a text message from 'Frank' telling me to get my ass ... [read more]