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    Website: Niche specific or not niche specific?

    rizabbasi in Beginners Area

    Hi, I want to get into affiliate marketing. I want to host a website for that. I have important question to be asked from the community: "Does my website need ... [read more]

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    What Is The Top 3 Problems You Struggle With In Internet Marketing?

    Lets make this thread a value filled one! Give us your top 3 problems you struggle with and see what kind of help you get from others who have strengths ... [read more]

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    How to get traffic on new sports blog/sports news website

    want to target english language traffic mostly from america and united kingdom... what to do prefer for such kind of a situation... the site is brand new it has unique ... [read more]

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    How do you track revenue on Shopify drop-shipping campaigns?

    kintura in eCommerce

    This is with regard to end-to-end tracking from traffic source to conversion and back. We have been in talk with Oberlo and Printify about getting only the net profit as ... [read more]

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    Parameters Error

    Ahsan21 in SEO

    Hello friends I need your help, I am facing some attachment parameters with my site. just like after my domain name i recieved "/qociruer" and "/eoirset" that kind of parameters ... [read more]

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    max bounty affilite link problem

    Hi guys having a problem with M bounty offers... Everytime I click on an offer to get search tracking code I am redirected to a different offer which is Global ... [read more]

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    Youtube - single channel vs. multiple ones

    Ourtube in Social Networks

    Hey, I have a question: When wanting to appeal to sponsorship and monetization of the youtube channel, what should have more weight: the figure of average video popularity OR its ... [read more]

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    301 redirect to a new page on the site

    Eoon in SEO

    Hi guys, I have a dilemma and what better brains to pick than those of fellow warriors. I made the mistake of going to broad with keyword targeting on a ... [read more]

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    need some help with css

    mixmedia in Web Design

    hey warriors! I inserted a logo in the header section WP site, but the logo looks like not placed the right place that needed to be, even I minimized the ... [read more]

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    If you own multiple sites, should you link between them?

    edison1 in SEO

    I am aware that owners of multiple niche affiliate sites do not link between their sites, to avoid competitors finding one site and then being able to click on all ... [read more]

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    Domain providers?

    George Benson in eCommerce

    Hi Guys, Been using namecheap for several years. Ran into an impasse with them today. I have multiple businesses in multiple countries but just one namecheap account. they sent me ... [read more]

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    Roast My Landing Pages - Need help with CB Landing Pages

    Story in Copy Writing

    hey guys, So i am running CB + Bing and is having some trouble on identifying what makes a good LP. 1. Is this a bad template? On mobile user ... [read more]

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    Self Hosted Affiliate Program or Using an Affiliate Network?

    jeffreyhuan in eCommerce

    Hello everyone, I want to set up an affiliate program for our ecommerce store to get more traffic and sales. There are two methods: Self Hosted Affiliate Program and Using ... [read more]

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    What is the best membership platform/site

    Hey guys Im trying to build a membership site for life coaching. I love the one at does anyone know the platform/plugins that they use?

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    szaby in SEO

    Hello, Do they seo linking services that you get from seo clerks and fiverr link directly to you money site.Or do you have to create tiered link building 2-3 tiers ... [read more]

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    Affiliate marketing: CPA programs

    Ruwen in Beginners Area

    Fellow warrior newbie here. I just wanted experienced people's perspectives on if CPA programs are good method to generate a revenue stream of about 500$+ per month? With hard work ... [read more]

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    Managing my 21 Instagram Accounts

    I am new to this forum so hi everyone ! I work 100 hours a week and i got a lot of time at hand after i dropped out of ... [read more]